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Your Guide to the Wantable Fitness Edit (A Workout Clothes Subscription Box)

Your Expert Guide to The Wantable Fitness Edit-A Workout Clothes Subscription Box

Will having a cool outfit motivate you to exercise?

Yes, yes it will.

And let’s face it.  Trying on fitness apparel at the store really sucks.  (There’s just something extra crappy about trying to shove my thighs into a pair of tights in a public dressing room.  It’s not pretty.)

I’ve got the solution to this problem.

Join a fitness apparel subscription program and try on everything at home.  You’ll quickly freshen up your fitness wardrobe.  And I think you’ll be surprised to find out how much having a new pair of tights will make every workout better and something you look forward to.

I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about one of my favorite workout clothes subscription boxes–The Wantable Fitness Edit.

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What is the Wantable Fitness Edit?

What is the Wantable Fitness Edit?

The Wantable Fitness Edit is a fitness apparel subscription program.

Here’s how the pros at Wantable describe the program—

“…a personal styling service that allows you to try before you buy. This means you get to try on 5-7 handpicked fitness and athleisure items in the comfort of your own home before paying for them. These items feature the hottest styles and latest innovations from brands like Lukka Lux, Shape Active, Chi Chi, Onzie, and Just Live. Item prices are based on your personal preferences but usually range from $30-$70 each.

The Fitness Edit is a monthly subscription, but you can skip a month or cancel at any time. Currently, Edits are only available to customers in the 50 U.S. States. Fitness Edits take about 3-12 business days to ship based on your preferences.”

Wantables Fitness Edit home page

What do you get in your Fitness Edit Subscription?

Five to seven pieces arrive in each shipment.

Other subscription apparel programs I belong to send up to 5 items.  I’m always thrilled to see seven in my Wantable box.

The pieces are individualized based on your style preferences so you may get something different than me but I usually get a couple pair of tights, a couple of sports bras, at least one pullover and a couple of other shirts/tanks.

I’ve never received a shipment in which I didn’t keep at least 3 items.  And sadly, I’ve had to send things back I really wanted a few times just because my budget for workout clothes was maxed out at the time.

When do you get it?

The program is monthly but you can skip a month if you notify Wantable before your shipment goes out.

If you want to skip a month you can email customer service or use the ‘Skip’ option (keep reading for directions about how to do that) on your account Dashboard at least 5 days before your shipment goes out.

It took me a while to figure out how to skip a month.

Here’s how you do it:

To skip a month (and avoid the style fee for that month) you go to the Wantable home page>>click on your name in the right-hand corner of the top menu>>Click on Account

how to find your Dashboard on Wantable

Now you’ll find yourself on your account Dashboard

Scroll down to the Subscriptions box and click on ‘Skip’ and Voila!  You’ve now skipped the next shipment.

TIP-You can also use the links in the Subscription box to subscribe to some of Wantables other subscription programs (Makeup, Intimate, Accessories or Style).

Update-Wantable has phased out it’s Makeup, Intimate and Accessories programs but Wantable Style is awesome!

What does the Wantable Fitness Edit Subscription cost?

You’ll be charged $20 a month (styling fee) that will be applied towards the purchase of the items in your shipment that you choose to keep. *Shipping and returns are free (use the bag with the return label that comes with your shipment).

The price of items in each shipment range from about $30-$70.  Here’s a sample of one of my invoices so you can see for yourself what to expect.

Wantable packing slip

A Wantable Invoice/Packing Slip

How do you sign up for the Wantable Fitness Edit?

From the Wantable home page use the Fitness tab to navigate to the Fitness Edit page

fitness tab

Then use the ‘Get Started’ button

get started at Wantable

Now you’ll fill out your style profile (my favorite part) before you fill in your demographic info and supply a credit card.

Wantable profile

What’s the cancellation policy for the Wantable Fitness Edit?

You can cancel anytime.

You won’t want to, though.

What do I think about the Wantable Fitness Edit?

Wantable is awesome!  I belong to several fitness apparel subscription programs (possibly all of them) and I promise that you’ll be happy with Wantable’s Fitness Edit.

A few more specific reasons for my obsession with the Wantable Fitness Edit…

The Dashboard

After you create an account with Wantable you’ll have access to your personal Wantable Dashboard.  Here you’ll find all your demographics and account features laid out for you.  The Dashboard is so easy to navigate you’ll never get frustrated when you need to change your credit card or address.

The Dashboard is also where you’ll go to update your style profile if you decide to change any of your preferences (like your size).  Don’t use the ‘My Profile’ link from the drop down menu.  Instead you’ll update your style preferences by going to your account (your Dashboard).

use the account tab to change your profile

From your Dashboard scroll down and hit the Update Preferences button and navigate to whatever needs to be updated.

how to update your style preferences

The Style Profile

Wantable’s style profile has the most detailed breakdown of sizing (height, weight, hoodie size, sports bra, top, bra cup size, panty size, bottoms, inseams, and shoe size) and is the most complete in general (compared to the other style profiles I completed for my other fitness apparel subscriptions).

There’s also a place to send a note to your stylist.  Use it.  They will listen.

The Products

Wantable’s Fitness Edit includes brands and styles that you (probably) won’t have in your closet.  I’ve been an avid fitness enthusiast for over 20 years.  I thought I’d seen every cut, color, material and print there was.  Guess what?  I haven’t.

The Wantable Fitness Edit has unique pieces with cool prints, comfortable and practical* fabrics and beautiful colors.

*Full disclosure-In one shipment I did receive a pair of tights that required hand washing.  Do people actually hand wash their fitness garments after working out?  If you do then you’re amazing (and don’t sweat the way I do).  My stuff needs industrial washing with a machine and lots of detergent after I’m done with a workout.  Handwashing isn’t an option for my workout gear.

The Wantable Invoice

This may seem trivial but compared to other companies I can appreciate a nice invoice/packing slip.

How many times have you scanned a packing slip to find the cost of each item in a shipment and become a little frustrated at the amount of time it takes to match each description on the invoice with the item you’re looking for?  Guess what?  Wantable’s invoice has pictures!  Thank you!  I love that.  Genius. (To be fair, Stitch Fix does this, too.  But none of the other fitness apparel subscription programs I belong to do.)  This is a small thing that matters, people.

Communication Experts

You’ll know exactly what’s going on with every order.  I love that I get an email every step of the way.  Here’s an example of the emails you’ll receive for each Fitness edit.

list of emails for one Fitness Edit

I know that’s a lot of emails but you’ll appreciate the notices.  It’s easy to miss a deadline if you’re not reminded.

And if you need to communicate with Wantable from your end (maybe you have a question about an order) then you’ll be happy to know that in my experience you’ll get a professional, clear response within 24 hours.

What else?

It’s worth noting that Wantable also has an everyday wear subscription program, similar to Stitch Fix.  I love Stitch Fix but haven’t tried Wantable’s version so I can’t give an opinion about it.  But based on how good Wantable’s fitness apparel program is I feel good recommending this program as well.

UpdateI signed up for the Wantable Style Edit.  It’s just as fabulous as the Fitness Edit.  Go for it.

Update #2-Wantable does exchanges now! So awesome!  (And another reason to look into Wantable!)

Wantable does exchanges now

Here’s a handy link to the ‘Give the gift of Wantable’ page.

And don’t forget to check out their style blog for a few ideas.

Not ready to sign up yet?  Want a few other options to compare Wantable to?

I have just the thing for that.  Check out these posts for more options:

Thank you for reading.  You’re awesome! Please share my post with someone else who might love Wantable:-)

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Your Guide to the Wantable Fitness Edit-One Strong Southern Girl-Get every detail about this fitness apparel subscription program from someone who knows a thing or two about them.




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