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A complete system of short intense butt-kicking workouts for women to do at home with workout calendars and guides you can print out.

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If you’re looking for a long-term relationship with home exercise then you’re in the right place. Learn how to put all the pieces of your home workout plan together right here. Hundreds of articles that cover every part of a woman’s home exercise routine.

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The best aerobic step style on the market today. The same size you see in the gym with the best safety features you’ll find. Click over and find out how my aerobic step is different (and better) than a circuit sized step.

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Hear me break down all the parts of your exercise routine. This is where you’ll get the inside scoop about my favorite (and not so favorite) programs, products and services on the market for women’s home exercise today.


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What My Readers Are Saying…

“Mickie, I am new to your blog, and I love reading your articles and workout reviews!!… Reading your 20 Smart Things to do to Make a Home Exercise Program Last are GREAT tips!  I think I do every one of them, so I guess you are on to something!!!  Keep up the great work on your blog and articles.” –Cherie

“I’m in love with your website! I stopped going to a gym a few years because I got so frustrated with how crowded it was all the time. I started working out at home but was still worried that I’d done the wrong thing and needed to go back to the gym.  Then I found your website and it’s made all the difference!  I feel SO GOOD about working out at home now! THANK YOU!! ” –Sharon

“I just discovered your blog today, and am enjoying your Cathe reviews. I am a die hard Cathe (Friedrich) fan and always interested to see what others think, and I appreciate your encouraging comments and funny observations. Thanks for writing these up!”–Carrie


Who is One Strong Southern Girl?

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Hi there! I’m Mickie, the founder and owner of One Strong Southern Girl.

I’m a 20-year licensed and board certified Physician Assistant, former personal trainer, lifelong tomboy as well as a wife, mom, sister and small town girl from Tennessee.

Over the last 20 years I’ve used home exercise exclusively to train and complete 2 Tough Mudders and a Spartan Sprint as well as other obstacle races and running events.

I believe we all have special gifts that can serve others in this world and I’m on an adventure to try and fulfill that mission by helping other women live their best lives fit and happy.

I’m so excited to be a part of your fitness routine! I truly believe that exercise can make every woman’s life better.


I’m so proud to be partnering with Girls on the Run. Together we’re working to help women of all ages become the best versions of themselves through exercise. A portion of my aerobic step sales and memberships to my 10 Minute Workout System will be donated to this amazing organization. Find out more about Girls on the Run.

Because your exercise program is like your life–always changingI'll help make it easy to stay on top of your (fitness) game.

Life is complicated.Fitness doesn't have to be.

Join 1000's of other women who come to One Strong Southern Girl every day for exercise motivation, inspiration and information.
Join 1000's of other women who come to One Strong Southern Girl every day for exercise motivation, inspiration and information.
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