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You know how frustrating it is to sort through all the exercise products and services out there and try to figure out which ones are the perfect fit for you?  I can help with that!

I try out, try on, attempt, assess, analyze, investigate, taste, touch, put to the test, question, validate and examine fitness stuff and then share every last detail so I can help you find all the exercise things that will challenge and change you!

 Here’s (some of) what you’ll find on my site:

  • A realistic picture of what you can expect from some of the most popular exercise videos, equipment and services so you can make an informed decision about whether they’re right for you
  • Honest reviews and information about fun events like the Tough Mudder (from a woman’s point of view)
  • Detailed information about the best places to find beautiful, high-quality workout clothes
  • Exercise resources, tips and information to help you shape the perfect fitness routine that fits your life
  • Exercise video clips to help you perfect your form while giving you ideas of new moves to try out
  • Motivation and encouragement to keep you excited about exercise

Discover powerful fitness motivation for women right now

Because your exercise program is like your life–always changingI'll help make it easy to stay on top of your (fitness) game.


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“I just discovered your blog today, and am enjoying your Cathe reviews. I am a die hard Cathe (Friedrich) fan and always interested to see what others think, and I appreciate your encouraging comments and funny observations. Thanks for writing these up!” –Carrie

“Mickie, I am new to your blog, and I love reading your articles and workout reviews!!… Reading your 20 Smart Things to do to Make a Home Exercise Program Last are GREAT tips!  I think I do every one of them, so I guess you are on to something!!!  Keep up the great work on your blog and articles.” –Cherie

“Thank you! I love Cathe Friedrich and love your reviews of her stuff; I use them to gauge what I should order next in my quest to have them all!…Thanks so much for your thorough and honest reviews.”–Charline


Life is complicated.Fitness doesn't have to be.

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“Life is complicated. Fitness doesn’t have to be.”

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One Strong Southern Girl-I test exercise stuff for women. I'll help you find all the fitness products and programs that will challenge and change you.

Join 1000's of other women who come to One Strong Southern Girl every day for exercise motivation, inspiration and information.
Join 1000's of other women who come to One Strong Southern Girl every day for exercise motivation, inspiration and information.
Thank you for visiting! You're awesome!