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How to Use your Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live Membership

Your Guide to Cathe Live and Cathe on Demand + Live

If you’re trying to find out how to sign up for Cathe Friedrich’s On-Demand services  (Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand + Live) then head over to this post:

Stay here and keep reading for step-by-step instructions to USING your Cathe Friedrich services.


Cathe Live is the library of all of Cathe Friedrich’s live workouts done from her home gym in New Jersey.

You can do the workout with Cathe (live) on most Thursdays at 9 AM EST.

But you can access any of these routines (at any time) from your Cathe Live membership by going to Cathe’s home page and using the drop down menu to sign in to your account.

here's where you Login to your Cathe Friedrich Live or On Demand account

On the next page enter your User Name/Password and hit Login.

login page of Cathe dot com

On the next screen you’ll see your account payment history.

Use the tabs at the top to navigate to Cathe Live.

Cathe Live tab

This next screen is where you go to do the live workout with Cathe and her team as they do it on (most) Thursday mornings.

Cathe Live every Thursday from here










Scroll past the Live Stream box and you’ll see the library of all of Cathe’s live workouts.

The workouts are listed in chronological order with the most recent routine listed first.

There are two versions of each workout, a low quality and a high quality option.

Cathe Live workouts can be viewed in low quality or high quality

Just select the workout you want and get started!

TIP-Use the Cathe Live App to find these workouts on your ipad or mobile device.

download the new Cathe Live app to do workouts on your ipad or mobile device

*On the ipad (or other mobile device) there will only be one Cathe Live video to select (not a choice between the low or high resolution).

TIP-Cathe doesn’t always tell you what weight she’s picking up during the live routines.  Use this reference page when you’re doing Cathe Live workouts to help you out.  (Here’s a pdf copy of my Cathe Live Dumbbell Reference Guide.)

Cathe Live Dumbbell reference guide


The Cathe On Demand subscription gives you full access to the Cathe Live routines but you also get access to all of her video programs AND premix routines. 

This is (hands down) the best deal. 

There are a TON of workouts to choose from.

To use Cathe On Demand + Live go to Cathe’s home page and navigate to the login screen (the same way you find Cathe Live workouts).

here's where you Login to your Cathe Friedrich Live or On Demand account

On the next screen you’ll need to enter your username and password and hit Login.

login page of Cathe dot com

From your My Account page use the Menu tabs to navigate to My Videos (or click on View Your On Demand Videos Now).

how to navigate to My Videos

This will take you to the library with every live routine as well as every Cathe Friedrich DVD program.

All of these workouts are listed together in alphabetical order.

Cathe OnDemand home page

Cathe OnDemand Workouts

To find the premix routines (and to create your own premixes) you’ll use the Workout Blender tab (on a computer).

workout blender tab from Cathe dot com

I recommend you watch the tutorial to help you figure out how to create your own Cathe Friedrich premix.

You can use the link above to find the tutorial on using the Workout Blender or find it yourself by clicking on ‘Streaming’ from the main menu and then select ‘Tutorials’.

Cathe Friedrich workout blender tutorials

You’ll need to scroll all the way down the page to find the videos for the Workout blender.

the Cathe Friedrich workout blender tutorial videos

Here’s what you’ll see in the Quick Tour video:

You can also find those tutorial videos from the Workout Blender page:

workout blender tutorial

TIP-Use the Cathe OnDemand app to access your On Demand videos (on mobile or ipad).

The app is very user-friendly and set up better than the online Workout Blender.

Cathe OnDemand App

Cathe OnDemand App

Heads UpYou cannot CREATE a premix workout on your ipad or mobile device (you can only do that on your computer).

But you CAN access them (your premix creations) using the On Demand app (just click on the ‘Shared Workouts’ tab at the bottom of the screen).

To clarify:

What do I use the Cathe On Demand app for?

To do On Demand routines and premix workouts.  (These are all of the routines from every Cathe Friedrich program.)

Will the Workout Blender work on my ipad?

If you have a premix routine that you already created on your computer using the Workout Blender then you can view it on your Ipad from the ‘Shared Workouts’ tab.

Can I get the premix workouts (as seen on Cathe’s DVD’s) on my Ipad?

Yes!  But you need to have a Cathe On Demand subscription and use the Cathe On Demand app.

Does the My Videos tab work on my Ipad?

Yes!  This means you can do all of the main workouts from any of Cathe’s DVD’s (without the app), but you won’t be able to get to the premix routines without going through the app.

And one last TIP–Make sure you view the other helpful videos in the tutorial section:

Using a wired connection to your TV from Iphones and Ipads

Streaming from iOS devices to your Apple TV

Setting up Google Cast on iOS and Android

Setting up Google Cast on your computer

Adjusting video quality on the iOS app

Now that I understand how to use my Cathe subscription I recommend it all the time.  I hope my post helps you get the most out of your Cathe membership, too.

Please use the comment section to tell other people what you love (or don’t love) about Cathe Live and/or Cathe On Demand.

Thank you for reading.  You’re awesome!

How to Use Your Cathe Live & Cathe On Demand + Live Membership-One Strong Southern Girl-I'll tell you exactly how to get the most out of your Cathe Live and/or Cathe On Demand membership.



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