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The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Programs Right Now

The Best Subscription Boxes for Workout Clothes (For Women) Today

Do you feel confident and beautiful when you get ready to exercise?

Studies show that confidence affects performance.

No matter how you look when the routine is over you need to start every workout feeling confident and beautiful.

Let me tell you how to do that…

Sometimes we all need a little nudge to convince us that a workout is more interesting than say…a nap… a marathon viewing of Orphan Black…or a chocolate brownie.

Instead of paying for a new wardrobe because you put on a few pounds, invest in one of these programs, get excited about exercise, and feel good that you’re spending your hard-earned money on something that helps keep you happy and healthy.

This is a review of the BEST subscription boxes for workout clothes today!  

I have a membership to all of them. 

*I’m not recommending that you sign up for all of them.  That’s expensive.  (It’s possible I have a problem but that’s for another post:-))

I’ll help you figure out which ONE workout clothes membership program will be a good fit for you so you can crush your next workout with confidence.

If you use my link to purchase something it helps support my business.  Thank you!  (No hard feelings if you don’t.)  You can get more information about that here.

The Best Monthly Workout Clothes Subscription Box Programs (Athletic Clothes Subscription Boxes)

*My favorite program is at the bottom of the list


Kate Hudson advertising Fabletics

How does Fabletics work?

  • The Fabletics fitness apparel subscription is called the Fabletics VIP Membership.
  • When you sign up for VIP membership you’ll be expected to make a purchase from Fabletics by the 5th of every month.
  • The VIP membership provides you with a discount on all of their athletic clothing and accessories.

What is the COST of the VIP Membership to Fabletics?

  • There is NOT a ‘style fee’ like some of the other programs.
  • You spend the amount of money you want to spend (your only obligation is to purchase at least one item, of any value).
  • The catch is that if you don’t purchase something by the 5th (or SKIP the month, I’m about to get to that) then you’ll be charged $49.95 (which becomes a credit towards your next purchase).
  • The cost of the apparel is in line (and in many cases less expensive once you consider the VIP discount) than most high-end athletic clothing.

What will you LIKE about Fabletics?

  • You can SKIP as many times as you want and avoid paying anything at all for the month.
  • The site has nice images and is easy to navigate.
  • Overall, the program is basically just shopping for athletic apparel on my own which isn’t bad but kind of defeats the purpose of what I thought I signed up for at the beginning.  (When you do a Google search for fitness apparel subscription programs Fabletics is right up there at the top.  That implies (to me, anyway) that someone is going to automatically send me clothes and I just sit back and wait for the goodies to arrive.)

What will you DISLIKE about Fabletics?

At first, I was really confused about the Fabletics VIP Membership.

Like I said, I thought I was signing up for a program that was going to send me clothing automatically.  (Fabletics also kind of encourages you to think that’s what you’re signing up for when you fill out the Lifestyle Quiz, which for the life of me, I can’t tell does anything.)

Once I figured out you can SKIP as often as you want AND that you don’t have to spend $49.95 (you just have to buy at least one item at any price to meet your obligation) every month I was much happier.

I think those details should have been more obvious right from the start.  (It’s completely possible I’m just a sucker for Kate Hudson…)

I don’t like the way Fabletics tries to get you to purchase an entire outfit every month.  From my experience their email links send you to an entire outfit to buy.  If you want individual pieces (of that same outfit) then you have to exit and go find them separately in the store.  That’s not cool.

It’s not easy to skip the month.  I’m willing to admit that it could be a glitch of some kind in my computer (or user error) but I have to navigate to my account from several different screens before I locate the ‘SKIP’ button.  It just feels shady.

I felt kind of duped when I first signed up for the VIP Membership.  I don’t anymore. (After all, I haven’t quit the program.) But I really feel like Fabletics intentionally makes the terms of the program confusing.  Again, not cool.

I don’t love the fit of the Fabletics fitness apparel.

I’ve purchased a few sports bras and tights.  The bras are stiff and have gaps when I move.  The tights have beautiful prints but are a thick material and the crotch is kind of big/long for me (I’m 5’3” and always buy size small).

That being said, I’ve been happy with the athleisure clothing I’ve bought (joggers, knit shorts, cool shirts, and even a pack of headbands that my daughter loves).

Returning items isn’t easy and you have to pay the shipping.

And be ready for your email to blow up with all the advertising you’ll be getting.

Who will LOVE the Fabletics program?

  • Anyone who studies every single detail of the program BEFORE they sign up
  • Anyone not quite ready to commit to the monthly cost associated with the other workout clothes subscription box programs (that I talk about below)

This post, Fabletics—An Honest Review, goes into further detail about the VIP Membership.


a summary of the Sweatstyle athletic clothes subscription box

How does Sweatstyle work?

  • Sweatstyle is a fitness apparel subscription program that delivers athletic clothing (7 pieces) to your door every month, every other month, or every 3 months.
  • You have 5 days to decide what you want to keep.  You send back the items you don’t want in the prepaid shipping envelope provided to you.

How much does Sweatstyle COST?

You pay a $25 ‘Sweat Fee’ for every shipment.  The money will be deducted from your total (if you keep anything) or you’re out $25 (if you send everything back).

What will you LIKE about Sweatstyle?

  • Sweatstyle (and the Wantable Fitness Edit) are hands down my favorite fitness apparel subscription programs.
  • With Sweatstyle you get a taste of high-end athletic clothing.  I love the fit, colors, and style of almost everything they ship.
  • I feel like the items really are handpicked for me every month.
  • The clothing arrives in a pretty box.  (Sometimes it’s the details that really matter.)  Update>>Sweatstyle has switched to shipping their items in a recyclable bag.  A smart move!
  • This company also includes images of every item on the packing slip.  I really appreciate that feature.  (It makes it easier to confirm which items you’re returning when you checkout.)
  • Returns are easy peasy (with the prepaid envelope included in the shipment).
  • They have a large range of sizes and the styles and prints are usually more unique than what I’m used to with the big name-brand athletic clothing companies (like Nike or Under Armour).

What will you DISLIKE about Sweatstyle?

Generally, Sweatstyle apparel is more expensive than the other 4 programs.

Who is Sweatstyle for?

  • Anyone who’s looking for unique, high-quality fitness apparel and willing to budget a little more to have the best
  • If you’re looking for a personalized experience with your athletic clothes subscription box

Read more about Sweatstyle in this article: Sweatstyle Will Put the Excitement Back in Your Workout


what is Armour Box

How does ArmourBox work?

  • ArmourBox is a workout clothes subscription box for women (and men) by Under Armour.  The cool thing with ArmourBox is that the subscription is for athletic ‘gear’ (not just clothing) and is for all types of exercise and sports (not just traditional gym-style exercise).  When you fill out the profile you’ll see that in addition to asking about whether you workout in a gym, they also ask if you like tennis, golf, lacrosse, snowboarding, etc.  Very cool.
  • Your ArmourBox ‘gear’ arrives every 30, 60 or 90 days (you decide which frequency)
  • Based on the answers to your profile, you’ll receive 5 items and have 7 days to return the ‘gear’ you don’t want.  Items are returned using the prepaid shipping label and the same box your shipment arrived in.

How much does ArmourBox COST?

You only pay for the items you keep!

That’s right!  There’s no style fee or shipping costs.  You’re only charged for the gear you keep, nothing else, ever.

What will you LIKE about ArmourBox?

  • I love that the Under Armour subscription box is for every type of athlete.  You can’t beat that.  And no other subscription program is doing it the way they are.
  • The ArmourBox arrives in a fancy box with incredible detail to packaging.  I’m a sucker for that.
  • I love that you get items other than just apparel in your ArmourBox.  Your box will be different (because your profile will be unique to you) but I get hats, shoes (yay!), socks, etc. in addition to tights and sports bras.
  • No other subscription box program for workout gear allows you to be a member without incurring any costs.  That’s incredible.  (The ArmourBox program is relatively new so I’m still in the ‘testing’ phase, but I can see this program quickly becoming tied as my number 1 choice for workout clothes subscription programs.)
  • 7 days to try-on everything is nice!  The other programs give you 5 days.  A week is better.
  • I love the ArmourBox website and profile questionnaire!  It has the perfect blend of modern, tough and user-friendly.

What will you DISLIKE about ArmourBox?

The only drawback with ArmourBox is that you only receive gear from Under Armour.

Under Armour stuff is high-quality but they do have their own unique style and I like to have a variety of styles to choose from.

Who is ArmourBox for?

  • Anyone who loves the Under Armour brand of athletic gear and clothing.
  • If you’re looking to avoid the membership costs of the other subscription box programs.
  • People who appreciate a great website and attention to detail in their shipping

Get more information about ArmourBox in this article: Your Guide to ArmourBox & Why It’s One of the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes Today

#1-My Favorite Athletic Clothing Subscription Box Program


a summary of the Wantable Fitness Edit subscription program (athletic wear subscription)

How does Wantable work?

  • The Wantable Fitness Edit is a monthly athleisure apparel subscription program.  (Wantable also has monthly membership programs for men’s and women’s everyday clothing, called the Wantable Style Edit).  Their program for workout apparel is called the Fitness Edit.)
  • Based on your answers to the Wantable style profile, 5-7 items are handpicked for you and shipped to your door.  You have 5 days to decide what you want to keep.
  • You send back the items you don’t want in the prepaid shipping envelope included in the box.

How much does the Wantable Fitness Edit COST?

  • Wantable charges you a $20/month styling fee that’s nonrefundable.  The $20 is applied to the cost of your order.  If you return all of the items then you’re out $20.
  • Like Fabletics, you can skip the month’s shipment with Wantable.

What will you LIKE about the Wantable Fitness Edit?

  • Since signing up for the Wantable Fitness Edit I’ve received 7 items with every shipment.  (Yes, the more the merrier!)
  • The apparel in the Wantable program is reasonably priced quality workout clothing with cool prints, cutouts, and true-to-size fit.
  • The Wantable company has the best auto-email setup.  (It’s just the right amount of communication to keep you informed of each shipment without becoming annoying.)
  • Returns are a no-brainer.  (Again, they provide you with the pre-paid return envelope.  All you have to do is put the stuff you’re not keeping inside and drop it off at the post office.)

What will you DISLIKE about the Wantable Fitness Edit?

Not much, honestly.  But if I had to pick something to complain about then I’d say there’s probably a little room for improvement in their website. 

I LOVE the Dashboard screen for My Account but the rest of the dropdown menu has options (My Stream and My Closet) that are kind of confusing and there’s an option for My Requests, but I can’t really tell how to carry that out.

UPDATE-Wantable has updated their website.  It has a sleeker design now.  It’s also obvious now that My Stream is a way to request specific items in your shipment and your Closet has the things you’ve purchased.  I love the images.

Who is the Wantable Fitness Edit program for?

  • Anyone ready to sign up for a monthly fitness apparel subscription program (athletic clothes subscription box)
  • If the level of communication is high on your list of priorities when it comes to anything you sign up for

Read more about the Wantable Fitness Edit in this article, Your Guide to the Wantable Fitness Edit

Customer Service, Cancellations, and Gift Certificates

I’ll finish by pointing out that I haven’t had any negative experience with customer service in any of the 5 programs.  (I’ve seen some bad reviews online regarding the customer service at Fabletics but I haven’t personally had any issues.)

I’ve had to deal with a customer rep for various different reasons at least once or twice with each company and they’ve all been professional and courteous.

You can cancel any of these programs at any time.

You can purchase gift cards/certificates to Fabletics, Sweatstyle, and through Wantable.  Next time someone asks what to buy you for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, or Just Because, tell them you want a gift card to one of these programs and see if you don’t love it!

Treat yourself to a monthly workout clothes subscription and see if it doesn’t change how you feel about your next workout.

And if you love the idea of getting the gift of stylish everyday clothing sent right to your door every month, then check out Stitch Fix (believe it or not, I belong to this program, too) or the Wantable Style Edit (Yep, I get this, too.  It’s awesome.)

And one more option if you’re not ready to commit to an athletic apparel subscription box but still love to shop for fitness clothing then head over to my favorite site, Athleta, to find high-quality fitness/athleisure apparel for every occasion.

Thank you for reading.  You’re awesome!





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The Best Subscription Boxes for Workout Clothes-One Strong Southern Girl-Find out the top places to sign up for a subscription for workout clothes!

The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Programs-One Strong Southern Girl-Studies have shown a positive relationship between confidence and performance. Find out how to feel confident and beautiful when you start every workout.

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