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P90X3 The Warrior-Add This Workout to Your Tough Mudder Training

P90X3 The Warrior–Great Prep for your Tough Mudder

Updated-March 10, 2017

*This is a great workout PERIOD (not just for obstacle race training).  Never heard of the Tough Mudder?  First off, um, where have you been?  Second, read this.

The Warrior has 4 rounds of exercises.  You’ll get a little taste of everything (upper body, core, cardio intervals) over the 30 minutes.

Listen to me.  Anybody can do this routine.  No excuses.  You don’t need any equipment (but get out a mat if you’re on a hard surface) and I know you have 30 minutes to devote to exercise today.  (Tip-Put down your cell phone.)

Another Tip-Tell yourself that you love push-ups and burpees and you’ll crush this routine.

Let me explain…

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Instructor-Tony Horton



*If you’re on carpet you won’t need anything.

Length-30 minutes

HRM-231 calories


My rating-A

Important Information

P90X3 The Warrior is a well-rounded 30 minute workout.  I don’t think there would be enough space to pull this off in a hotel room (as Tony Horton claims) but this is a very thorough workout with no equipment.  That’s not so easy to accomplish.  Bravo!

Tony Horton walks around for most of the workout.  This is a pet peeve of mine.  I prefer the instructor do most (if not all) of the workout with me.  It doesn’t matter, though.  This is a great routine whether Tony does it or not.

Tony says he uses this program to train men and women in the military.  I can see that.

Each round has an upper body exercise, interval exercise, core move, and an explosive lower body exercise.

Read to the end for tips about all 4 rounds as well as links to a few places you can find P90X3 🙂


There’s a short warm-up.  It’s about 3 ½ minutes long.  You’ll recognize all the moves from every p90X video.  It’s tempting to skip but just do it.  It’s short and we all know you’re supposed to warm-up before a workout.

Main Workout


Plank Sphinx Push-Up

This is your upper body move.  Tony shouts out ‘Plank’, ‘Sphinx’ or ‘Push-Up’ and you execute the command (as Tony walks around, of course).  Keep your core tight.  Do as many push-ups as you can.  Remember this is a short workout.  Make the most of it.

Speed Skaters

Keep your knees forward on these (especially on the doubles).  ‘Nice and floaty’ is the form pointer Tony gives.  Big arms.

Downward Dog Crunches

Hello abs.  Make contact with your knee to the nose/elbow.  You’ll really feel this in your obliques.  I love this exercise.

Side Lunge Jump Shot

Jump as high as you can.  Make the lunge big.  You’re trying to burn some calories.


Get a drink.  Keep moving.


Elevator Push-Up

Tony randomly shouts out what ‘floor’ (hence, the elevator reference) to hit in your push-up so you know how far down to go.  These are tough but you can do them.

Double Upper Cut Sprawl

Remember a sprawl is a burpee move.  Go fast.  Keep your core tight.

Roller Boat

This is your ab move.  Work hard to extend your legs in the ‘boat’ and keep your legs pinned together.  Keep your chest high.

One Leg Jump Squats (30 sec each leg)

You may bounce around on these (if you do the one-leg version—I wobble all over the place).  Balance is required.  If you have bad knees then keep both feet on the ground.  Susan demonstrates this modification.



Thumbs-Up Push-Up

Keep your feet wide.  Lock out the quad on the supporting leg and keep your core tight.  These are tricky but you’ll get them.

Elbow, Over the Top Elbow, Sprawl

These are like a burpee with a right/left hook.  You can go faster than Tony cues you but don’t let your form suffer.

Fifer Scissor Twist

This is the core move.  Keep your legs and arms straight.  These are neck burners for me.  I have to lower my head every few reps.

Warrior Squat Lunges

Brief comedy break for Tony Horton…

Warrior Squat Lunges are your explosive lower body move.  I feel so dumb and uncoordinated when I do these (like I suddenly have 4 legs and 3 arms or something).  I have to really focus to do it right (it reminds me of the ‘ol pat your head and rub your tummy trick).  Just keep trying.



Super Burpee

I do the version with all the push-ups and the tuck jump.  I’d be lying if I said I do that donkey-kick move at the beginning, though.  That would not end well.

Think Drills

This is another drill where Tony yells out commands.  He likes doing that.  You’ll recognize this from the other P90X videos.  He will tell you what to do with your arms while your legs do a football drill run.


This is the core move.  There are 8.  Don’t feel like your legs have to go really low on these.  You’ll hurt your back if you go too low.

Spiderman Twists

Keep your feet wide.  You don’t have to be able to do the full-turn version to make this an effective move.  I get dizzy when I do the full turn.

Depth Charges- BURNOUT

Again, these are from the original P90X.  You do a slow squat and then an explosive vertical jump.  Do them until the end.  Your legs will be on fire.  You got this.  It’s the last move.

Cool Down/Stretch

The stretch is mediocre.  Feel free to keep stretching on your own for a few more minutes.

Final Thoughts

For a half hour exercise video P90X3 The Warrior is awesome.  It’s hard to cover so much ground with no equipment and this program does it well.

You can find it at Beachbody in the P90X3 series and in a subscription to Beachbody on Demand in the Member Library.  And remember to compare prices over at Amazon.

Please tell me what YOU think about The Warrior using the comment section below.  Thank you!

P90X3 The Warrior-Add this Workout to Your Tough Mudder Training-One Strong Southern Girl-Find out why I think The Warrior is a great workout to use when you're training for your next obstacle race. But anyone looking for a challenging 30-minute workout needs to try this routine from the P90X3 series.



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