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The 20 Things I Did to Make Home Exercise Awesome

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    “I just discovered your blog today, and am enjoying your Cathe reviews. I am a die hard Cathe (Friedrich) fan and always interested to see what others think, and I appreciate your encouraging comments and funny observations. Thanks for writing these up!” –Carrie

    “Mickie, I am new to your blog, and I love reading your articles and workout reviews!!… Reading your 20 Smart Things to do to Make a Home Exercise Program Last are GREAT tips!  I think I do every one of them, so I guess you are on to something!!!  Keep up the great work on your blog and articles.” –Cherie

    “Thank you! I love Cathe Friedrich and love your reviews of her stuff; I use them to gauge what I should order next in my quest to have them all!…Thanks so much for your thorough and honest reviews.”–Charline


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    You’ve come to the right place to find exciting and valuable information that will keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals.  Read helpful tips like this and this.  And posts like this one that will make you smile.  Plus, every week I’ll add a detailed review of one or two exercise videos to help you decide which programs will match your individual fitness style.  I want to help you get excited about your next workout.  Here’s (some of) the information you’ll find in my reviews:


    • Equipment Required
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    • Calories I Burned
    • My Overall Rating

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