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A Review of Fire 55 EZ from Turbo Fire

Fire 55 EZ from Turbo Fire

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Instructor-Chalene Johnson






My rating-A

Important Stuff

Fire 55 EZ is definitely one of my favorites by Chalene Johnson.

Make sure you read what my choreography rating (Experienced) means.  This is a reference to how difficult or complex the steps are, not how intense the workout is.  Don’t let this rating discourage you from trying Fire 55 EZ.  Anyone can master this choreography after a couple of tries.

Chalene has great music and constantly encourages you to keep going with phrases like ‘Train like an athlete!’, and ‘You. Are. A. Machine,’ and my personal favorite ‘You Are Not Tired!’

There’s a lot of kicking in this video which is so much fun.

There’s more than one way to get access to all the incredible Beachbody programs like Turbo Fire.  I’ll give you two options at the end of this post.


Main Workout 

Only One ‘Blast Drill’

There’s a Fire Blast Drill (a one-minute high intensity blast) at 27 minutes left (love that countdown clock). The moves come at you fast and I usually miss the first rep because I forget them but she repeats the same drill after a short rest so you get another chance to do it.

Keep Going

When you get to the third interval with the ‘Clockwork’ pattern and then the 7-step, it’ll take a few times to not mess that up. Just keep moving, you’ll get it.


She has two end sections that she calls finales. I LOVE the first one. She does some capoeira (if you’ve never heard of capoeira it’s ok, they aren’t hard) moves that you’ll remember from her TurboJam series. Keep your core tight as steel to do them right. The second finale is not as fun as the first one in my opinion but Chalene says it’s her favorite.

To Think About:

  • How does she keep her hair in that perfect side part the entire workout? It’s nuts. It’s got to be hairspray but once you start sweating we all know that shit runs down into your face and mouth. Her amazing hair is a mystery.
  • After watching the testimonial segment at the end of the video I became a little obsessed with some of the crew members. Monica (mother of triplets), Shilo (badass military chic), and Toni (mother of 7, including a set of quadruplets–I’m still trying to decide if she actually birthed all those kids out of her perfect body) are all incredible athletes. I encourage you to watch the testimonials. I pick those girls out of the audience for inspiration when I’m doing Turbo Fire.

Final Thoughts

Fire 55 EZ is a great cardio workout and a good reason to consider investing in TurboFire.

You can find the TurboFire series over at Beachbody and in the Member Library of your Beachbody on Demand membership.  (As of September 2016 I couldn’t find TurboFire on Amazon.)

If you want more information about a Beachbody on Demand membership read this.  It’s free for 30 days and you get access to tons of workouts by pros like Chalene Johnson, Tony Horton, Shuan T and other amazing instructors.

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