14 Apr

3 Important Ways I Can Help You With Your Workout Routine

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Three Ways I Can Make Your Fitness Routine Easier

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OneStrongSouthernGirl is here to help you with your daily workouts.  This is how my exercise video reviews can make your life easier:



You plan out vacations, meals, your weekends, and every second of your kids’ lives.  Why should your workout schedule be any less important?

Sometimes it’s too exhausting to try and remember what equipment is required for that exercise video on the shelf.  It’s easier to go to the gym, jump on treadmill, and not think about it.  Or go to an aerobics class and know that whatever equipment you may need is already there.  Someone will tell you what to pick up.

Unfortunately, most of us are too tired to put much thought into our workout by the time we get to it every day.  We wish we could remember all the details about equipment, length, and difficulty of all those exercise videos we own but who can keep up with that minutia when you can barely remember who has piano at 5 and gymnastics at 6?

Let me give you all the information you need to use those exercise videos you have at home. During lunch or before bed you can pull up my site and read through the detailed summaries of the videos you have access to and plan out exactly what your next workout (at home) will be.

You’ll get all the information you need for each workout video: equipment, time required, how much space you need, and how challenging the workout is/is not.

All you have to do is write it on your calendar, pick your outfit, and show up.

You’re welcome:-)



We all get excited about fitness when we buy new tennis shoes, tights, or a new workout video.  That’s awesome.  Purchase whatever keeps you motivated to work out.

It’s easy to decide what pattern we like on a pair of running tights but it can be hard trying to decide which video(s) to invest in.

Who hasn’t bought an exercise video (or entire series) only to discover that you really need ankle weights, a chin-up bar, or fancy tubing (which you don’t have) to execute the workout?  It’s frustrating.

Investigate which individual videos or entire series of videos you’re thinking about buying by pulling them up on my site.  I’ll tell you what equipment you’ll need, how long every workout on the video is, and just how hard (or easy) it is.

I’ll help you make a smart purchase that will ultimately lead you to a more effective exercise routine.



So many great videos out there seem to be for men!

I’ll tell you how I (a woman) modify the workout so it’s effective for me, too.

I don’t have that equipment!

I’ll tell you what equipment is a must for each video, as well as what you can use as an adequate substitution.

I’m not that strong!

I’ll tell you exactly what weights I use and how many reps I do for every exercise in every review so you’ll have a reference point for yourself.  Print the post out or pull it up on your phone when you’re doing the program and let my information be a starting point as you’re figuring out what works for your body.

I’d love to hear from you!  Send me an email (or use the comment section below) and let me know what videos you’d like to see me review or what fitness topic you’d like to know more about.

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