5 Feb

Your Simple Guide to Insanity The Asylum Strength (with Bands)

Your Step by Step Guide to Insanity The Asylum Strength (with Bands)* *Insanity The Asylum Strength and Strength with Bands are the same workout.  The Strength with Bands option shows you how to modify the workout using a band if you don’t have dumbbells. The best part of Insanity The Asylum>>>

3 Feb

Insanity Max Interval Circuit (Summary & Review)

Insanity Max Interval Circuit–A Review I Love This Workout from Insanity! Anyone can do the moves in Max Interval Circuit and you’ll burn a TON of calories in the process. I’ll tell you exactly how many calories I burn, how long this routine lasts, and how the exercises in Max

27 Jan

A Review of Fire 55 EZ from Turbo Fire

Looking for Turbo Fire Reviews?  You’ve Come to the Right Place “You. Are. A. Machine.”  Chalene Johnson, Turbo Fire I have no idea why that phrase is so motivating but when Chalene Johnson says it, you believe it. Fire 55 EZ is hands-down one of Turbo Fire’s best routines. Here’s

24 Jan

Fire 30 Class by Chalene Johnson

Fire 30 Class–A Turbo Fire Review Fire 30 is just one of the routines in the Turbo Fire series with Chalene Johnson. Here’s a reminder of what the Turbo Fire program looks like: Even though Fire 30 isn’t my favorite workout in the Turbo Fire series, it’s still effective, fun,

23 Jan

A Review of Fire 45 from Turbo Fire

Fire 45–Buy Turbo Fire to Get Your Hands on This Workout “You’re. Not. Tired!” –Chalene Johnson, Turbo Fire When Chalene Johnson says that you’ll instantly find that last drop of energy to finish the workout at a moment in the routine when you think you’re ready to give up and go eat a

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