20 Jul

Cardio Fusion Mix & Max–You’ve Found Your New Favorite Workout

Cardio Fusion–Mix & Max is a Classic (Advanced) Step Workout A Review of Cardio Fusion Mix and Max is a premix routine taken from the Cathe Friedrich Cardio Fusion program. This routine has complex choreography. Sometimes fun stuff is hard.  It’s a fact. My recommendation: If you’ve done a lot

23 Mar

Try Low Max & See What Makes Cathe Friedrich One of the Best

Low Max–One of Cathe Friedrich’s Best Workouts Updated-August 15, 2017 The ‘Low’ in the title of this program refers to low-impact and lower body. (This is why I put it the Cardio+ category…you get so much more than just cardio). The entire routine is low-impact.  That’s right—no jumping.  Don’t be fooled

16 Mar

Plyo Hiit Two, Incredible Cardio in 27 Minutes

A Review of Plyo Hiit Two, An Incredible Workout in 27 Minutes Updated-August 15, 2017 Plyo HiiT Two has 13 intense moves that will satisfy your craving for an incredible workout in a short amount of time. All you need is a step with 2 risers (on each side) and

7 Mar

What You Want To Know about Cardio Fusion with Cathe Friedrich

Cardio Fusion with Cathe Friedrich–An Amazing Cardio Combo Updated-August 15, 2017 A Review of Cardio Fusion with Cathe Friedrich If you’re looking for an intense, advanced step aerobics routine then you’re at the right place. Here’s a preview of Cardio Fusion: Cardio Fusion starts off with two cycles of classic

27 Feb

Cathe Live Review: High Intensity Cardio Step Live

High Intensity Cardio Step–A Live Cathe Friedrich Workout Updated-August 15, 2017 Here’s a peek at this Live Cathe Friedrich workout: There are 11 short step aerobic intervals followed by an upper body weight segment using light dumbbells in this routine. High Intensity Cardio Step Live is a high-impact step workout.

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