24 Jan

Can You Really Do a Tough Mudder?

What is the Tough Mudder?

  • 10-12 mile run/jog
  • 20-25 obstacles
  • Lots of mud
  • Tons of FUN

There’s more…let me explain…

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Why would you sign up for a Tough Mudder?

  • You’re looking for a challenge
  • It’s fun
  • No clock! Thank you, Tough Mudder inventors!  The idea is to finish the event, no one will be timing you.  That’s golden.
  • It’s a team event. Wrangle up a few people you really like and get them to train and complete the event with you.  (Your team can be one other person, my husband and I were our entire team for our first TM.)
  • Because you’re a Badass.   You know it’s true.
  • Having a goal will give you that reason to exercise when you really just want to sit down and ingest a tub of cheese.

Do you need to train for it?

  • You’re kidding, right?
  • But, hey, you’re already working out so you just need to tweak your workouts to make sure you’re getting in enough running and strength training to be ready

How do you train for a Tough Mudder?

  • I’ll post my 12-week training program on this site.  I’ll show you how I cross-trained at home (using exercise videos and running) to prepare for my events (I’ve done 2 Tough Mudders). Was I fully prepared?  You bet.
  • I’ll post additional information about the race on my site as well (Check out Tough Mudder FAQ’s (part one & two) for information on shoes to wear, specific obstacle information, what to take to the race, etc.) so visit regularly for help prepping for your Tough Mudder

Can you really do it?

Um…hell yes! 

You’re a strong, amazing woman.  Challenge yourself to train and complete this.  You’ll know just what you’re capable of when you cross the finish line.

Have you already done a Tough Mudder?  Share your experience in the comment section!  Thank you!  You’re awesome!
Tough Mudder-Can I Really Do It?-One Strong Southern Girl-A short overview of the Tough Mudder event and who should sign up.



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