12 Dec

Your Quick and Easy Guide to Core De Force

Core De Force—It’s Time to Get Your Ninja On I’m about to explain to you why Core De Force might be the exercise program you’ve been searching for.  But then again, it might not. Let me explain… Will these routines be the catalyst that change your life?  Eh. Doubt it.

29 Nov

How to Use your Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand + Live Membership

Your Guide to Cathe Live and Cathe on Demand + Live If you’re trying to find out how to sign up for Cathe Friedrich’s On-Demand services  (Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand + Live) then head over to this post: How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe on

15 Nov

How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand (Step-by-Step)

A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe On Demand + Live In this day where you can stream any movie, TV show, or baby animal doing funny people-things it’s time to start streaming your workout videos, too. Cathe Friedrich has the best On Demand

20 Oct

8 Important Things You Should Know About Insanity Max:30 Today

The Truth About Insanity Max:30 So, you’ve either just purchased Insanity Max:30 or you’re thinking about it.  Good for you! We’ve all seen the infomercials and wondered if there’s as much sizzle and Kapow in those Max:30 routines as it looks like there is. Here’s a reminder of what the

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