7 Apr

Your Definitive Guide (and review) of Cathe LiTe—a Home Workout Series for Intermediate Exercisers

Cathe Lite (a Home Workout Series for Intermediate Exercisers)–Your Ultimate Guide and Review Here’s the question you’re asking: Is the Cathe LiTe program ideal for an intermediate exerciser? I’m a superfan of Cathe Friedrich so I get really excited when she comes out with a new workout program. If you’ve

22 Feb

Your Expert Guide to Buying and Using an Aerobic Step in 2019

The Aerobic Step (The Forgotten Exercise Tool Every Woman Should Own) Looking for something that’ll light a fire under your exercise program? Look no further… Here’s all the information you need to buy and use the hottest fitness product on the market today–the aerobic step. Have you ever thought about

6 Feb

One of the Best HiiT Workouts for Women You’re Going to Find

A Challenging HiiT Workout for Women Plyo HiiT One & Two is Awesome–Burn Over 400 Calories in less than 45 Minutes If you’re looking for a challenging plyometric workout to burn a ton of calories then look no further. This Cathe Friedrich workout, Plyo HiiT, from the Ripped with HiiT

4 Jan

10 Amazing Five-Star Cathe Friedrich Workouts on Amazon

Check out these ten workouts for women that promise total body results. Discover which Cathe Friedrich workouts have the highest rating on Amazon’s customer reviews. I love Cathe Friedrich workouts. While doing the research for this post I realized that I’m not alone. I didn’t find any exercise video she’s

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