10 May

A Complete Arm Workout with Dumbbells: ICE Chiseled Upper Body

Your Quick Guide to a Complete Arm Workout with Dumbbells for Women: ICE Chiseled Upper Body Do you have to have dumbbells to do Chiseled Upper Body from Cathe Friedrich’s ICE series? Yes, yes you really do. But adding strength-training to your exercise schedule is such a GREAT THING TO

24 Jan

Strong and Sweaty PHA Training Will Change Your Body

What is Strong and Sweaty PHA Training? Here’s what you’re learning today:  PHA=Peripheral Heart Action Training “PHA training dates back to the 1960s when Mr. Universe, Bob Gajda, popularized it. To this day, serious bodybuilders use it when they want to shake up their routine. Like circuit training, it’s a

18 Jan

Xtrain Super Cuts is the Perfect Bathing Suit Workout

Super Cuts Will Leave You Lean and Sculpted It kinda sucks how it’s always either almost time to wear a bathing suit or already time to wear a bathing suit. (Except for maybe a couple of months in the Fall when you’re allowed to blissfully forget bathing suits exist.) The

12 Jan

How to Conquer Lower Body Blast Like a Boss

Lower Body Blast Your Way Through an Incredible Workout If you woke up today and thought, I’m a complete badass.  Bring it on, Cathe Friedrich.  Then I recommend you try Lower Body Blast. Here’s what it looks like: On the other hand, if you woke up feeling more like, Eh, exercise

15 Aug

The Butts and Guts Workout–An Intense Legs & Glutes Workout Routine

The Best Exercises for Glutes Are in this Workout Your Definitive Guide to Butts and Guts by Cathe Friedrich Butts & Guts is a tough workout.  But, hey, getting a nice ass is hard work. Try Butts & Guts because it’s hard.  You can do it. Here’s what it looks

5 Feb

Flex Train-An Incredible Dumbbell Workout for Women

Flex Train-Your Easy Guide to this Dumbbell Workout for Women Flex Train Will Sculpt Your Body Get ready for a fast-paced total body toning routine. I participate in the Amazon Affiliates LLC program.  Some of the following links are affiliate links.  If you use one of my links to purchase

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