22 Apr

A Very Important Reason to Workout at Home (that you’ve been missing)

There’s a really important reason you should be exercising at home that you haven’t even thought about yet…

There are so many really good reasons to workout at home.

One of my favorite reasons is to not have to get in my car again…because I spend a LOT of time in my car and I’m gonna bet you do, too.

I also don’t love waiting my turn to use equipment or feeling self-conscious when I’m exercising in front of other people.

But today I’m exploring a different reason that you might not have thought about to transition over to home exercise. 

I think you’re going to have an ‘aha’ moment when you hear what I have to say.

the back of a woman wearing a sports bra and doing a triceps stretch

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I’m Mickie, your home exercise expert from One Strong Southern Girl and you’re listening to the Crunches and Cosmos podcast where I help you create an amazing home exercise routine by breaking down all the programs, products and services on the market that women can use in their home workouts so you can figure out what’s going to help you.

I also talk about mindset and motivation because it’s such a big part of having a successful workout program.

I’m so happy you’re here today because I believe exercise has the power to change your life!

And I want to help you live your life as the best version of you!

Today, you’re going to walk away with a good feeling about home exercise so I’m glad you’re here.

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Ok, let’s talk about some important stuff…

So, I was reading an article the other day about smoking that cited a study done in the UK showed that teens with caregivers who smoked were twice as likely to smoke themselves.

This isn’t a news flash necessarily. We know that kids who grow up in abusive homes or around addiction of any kind are more likely to go on to abuse others or suffer from addiction.

BUT we can turn this around to our advantage.

If our kids are more likely to pick up a negative behavior seen in their parents then aren’t they more likely to adopt a positive behavior they see in their parents as well?  Yes, the answer is yes!

You might not think your kids are watching you but they are.

So, now you can see where I’m heading with this.

There’s just something about your child SEEING you exercise that embeds itself into them in a way that telling them ‘I’m going to the gym’ can’t do.

Have you ever worked out at home with your toddlers around?  What do they do? They try and mimic you!

Now, your teenager might not want to jump in and join you during a workout (in fact, they may act like you’re awkward and gross and why are you even doing that? Faces) but do NOT be fooled.

They’re watching you.  And it’s making a lifelong impression on them.  LIFELONG.

I can’t tell you enough how important this is.  You have to SHOW your kids how to exercise if you want them to develop the habit, too.  It needs to be a normal part of your life so they get it.

It’s like going to church. When your kids were small it might have felt extra important to make sure they went because you were trying hard to make it a habit for them…a permanent part of their DNA.  Right?  And you understood that they had to go through the motions of actually going to church, not just talk about going to church, to make it a habit.  You had to show them how it’s done to make it stick.

It’s the same thing with showing them how to exercise. You’re teaching them a habit when they see you do it.

So, I have a few more important people I want to talk about that you’re making an impression on when you show them that exercise is a priority for you. 

When they SEE you piecing your life together to make exercise a permanent and important part of why you’re awesome and confident and healthy and strong.

Here we go…

Your spouse

If you go to the gym then you aren’t working out with your spouse.  Not that you need to workout together but there’s something about seeing my husband exercise that I love.  And I know he loves going to the gym but I love the kids seeing him workout.  And I know they love it, too.  In fact, my kids have all asked me for help with exercises as they’ve gotten older because they’ve seen me do it.  I can’t stress this enough how important it is that they SEE you exercise.

But, back to your spouse.  Maybe he/she needs a little motivation to exercise.  And seeing you get it done might give them that.  Plus, there’s something about exercise that’ll make you both feel beautiful and confident and can help your relationship. 

Your other family members and friends

Yep, your other family members and friends.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people come over my house for whatever reason and seen my exercise equipment and immediately want to know how I exercise at home.

YOU can be the person that inspires another person to do it, too—because they’ll say, if Mickie can do it then I can do it.  I know she’ll tell me what to do.  And you will!

Because you’ll know how and it’s going to feel amazing because you’ll be helping someone else live their best life! And who doesn’t want to do that!?

So, I hope a light bulb is turning on in your head right now about why home exercise is really awesome and why you should consider it.  Even if you loooovvvveee the gym and you’re like, Mickie, I have to go to the gym or I won’t do it.  Or Mickie, my trainer is at the gym, I have to go to the gym.

Don’t tell yourself these lies.

If you can workout at the gym regularly then you can do the same thing at home.  I’m not saying you have to quit your gym membership AT ALL.  I’m saying you should mix if up.

I ONLY workout at home. But if you love the gym then workout at home one or two days a week.

Because your choices, your actions are affecting the people in your life.  You might not realize it but they are, my friend. I promise you. You’re changing someone’s life every day.

Ok, so it’s time for the tip of the day where I share with you that freebie I mentioned earlier.

In this download I walk you through the 5 things you MUST think about when you’re picking out home workouts. 

Because no one wants to waste their money and just because your friend loves a workout program does not mean it’s the right one for you. So, go check out the freebie and use it to help guide you when you’re buying home workouts.  Just click on the link below to grab your freebie.

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Until next week, remember girls, Life is Complicated.  Fitness Doesn’t Have to Be.  You’re a Warrior.  Believe it.


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The Smart Way to Pick Out Your Next Home Workout in 5 Easy Steps

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