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5 Smart Home Workout Tactics Working for Women Right Now

5 Home Exercise Strategies Working for Women Today

I tried to find out how many millions of women are currently doing exercise at home on a regular basis so I could share it with you on today’s episode but by page 4 of Google I couldn’t find an answer and I gave up.  So, if you know the answer then email me!

BUT I know it’s a lot and I wanted to give you some of the same strategies that are helping women who love home exercise to stay on course and find constant motivation to keep showing up and gettin’ it done.

So, today I’m sharing 5 home exercise strategies working for women right now.

So, hopefully you can use one or two of them to help you.

Because your exercise program isn’t a lifeless static chore like doing the laundry. It’s a part of your life and you have to work at it and love on it.

When you do that you’re going to see how regular exercise can change your life.

So, let’s get going…

Hi there! I’m Mickie, your home exercise expert from One Strong Southern Girl and you’re listening to the Crunches and Cosmos podcast where I help you create an amazing home exercise routine by breaking down all the programs, products and services on the market that women can use in their home workouts so you can figure out what’s going to help you.  I also talk about mindset and motivation because it’s such a big part of having a successful workout program.

I’m so happy you’re here today because I believe exercise has the power to change your life! And I want to help you live your life as the best version of you!

Today’s episode is brought to you by One Strong Southern Girl.  My company started as a blog about women’s home exercise in 2016 and has grown into a brand with a mission to change your life through exercise.

I love writing so my heart is still at the blog but I’ve grown the company to include an amazing aerobic step that’s the best design on the market, a workout system called the 10minuteworkoutsystem with (you guessed it) power workouts for your busiest days, and this podcast…because not everyone loves to (or has time) to read.

I have a cool freebie for you today.  It’s a cheat sheet for Women’s Home Exercise called The Smart Way to Pick Out Your Next Home Workout in 5 Easy Steps.

Because not every workout program is ideal for every woman.  So, this free download will really help you analyze a program before you buy it so you can feel confident you’re making a smart purchase that aligns with your fitness goals and abilities.

Ok…let me share 5 smart home exercise strategies working for women right now…

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So this first strategy is one I’ve talked about before because I’m a big fan of it.

Exercise on demand is where you stream workouts directly to your tech device (laptop, cellphone, Ipad, etc) like you would stream a movie off of Netflix.

It’s a great way to get tons of variety into your workouts without taking up more space in your house with physical videos that you have to store.

You can use membership sites, apps or do it free using sites like You Tube.

The biggest limitation with this method is that you need good internet to stream video.

Not everyone has good internet at their house.  (My sister is one of those people!)

The workaround for this is that you sign up for an exercise on demand service that lets you download the workouts.  Then you can download them to your device (maybe while you’re at work?) and then go home and just view them straight from your device.

*I made sure my exercise on demand service, The 10 Minute Workout System, has workouts you can download just for this reason.



Women are using dumbbells and barbells!

Yay! I got to hand it to you girls! You’re smart.  You get it.  I’ve had so many emails about using dumbbells!  I love it!

Every woman should be doing some kind of resistance training.  It’s how you change the shape of your body by adding definition.

Plus, women start to lose muscle mass as early as 35 years old!

Strength training today will help you for years to come with function and mobility.



It’s a thing now.  Short workouts (10-20 minutes long) are a great way to give your body a break from continuous pounding on the joints that’s so common in long routines, while still getting results and staying on track with your workout program.

Studies have shown the using short intense workouts regularly can be just as beneficial as longer routines.

HiiT (high intensity interval training) routines and intense circuit style workouts are popular ways to use short routines.

Plus, we’re all incredibly busy these days.  Throwing in a short workout when you don’t have time for anything else is the perfect way to get it done!

Try it.  I think you’ll be surprised at just how good you feel using this strategy.



Yep, we all fell in love with Stitch Fix. And now you can get workout clothes with the same method.

It’s awesome.

Who doesn’t love getting new clothes on autopilot?!

There are several different companies where you can sign up to get workout clothes sent to your house every month.

New workout apparel will keep you motivated!  Plus, it’s fun.  And you can cancel anytime.

Learn more about my favorite workout clothes subscription boxes here:

👉 The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Programs Today



This word (accountability) and ‘tribe’ have to be the words of the year from 2018 in the online world of marketing.

But if you’re not familiar with this idea it’s where you tell another person what you’re doing so you feel more responsible for following through with your actions.

You can use text messages, a Facebook group or a workout journal (a great way to be accountable to yourself).

This is my favorite fitness journal for personal accountability: Goal Getter Journal by Fitlosphy


So, there you have it.

5 home exercise strategies working for women right now:

  1. EOD
  2. Strength training
  3. Short workouts
  4. Workout clothes on demand
  5. Accountability


Today’s tip of the day is this…

Take action.

Pick out one of these 5 strategies and try it out. See how these ideas enhance your home workout program.

Your workout routine is not a chore that you repeat over and over and never change.  It can’t be at the same level in your head as cleaning the bathroom or driving the kids to soccer practice.

Because it won’t work that way.  You’ll get bored with it.  And it won’t be a top priority.

You might tell yourself your making it a top priority but unless you’re taking the time to invest in keeping it alive and changing and working for you all the time then you’ve got room to improve it.

So, use one of today’s 5 strategies on your workout program and see what happens.

Exercise has the power to change your life but you have to believe that for it to work.


So, thank you for being here!

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Until next week, remember girls, Life is Complicated.  Fitness Doesn’t Have to Be.  You’re a Warrior.  Believe it.



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