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Your Quick and Easy Guide to Core De Force

Core De Force—It’s Time to Get Your Ninja On

I’m about to explain to you why Core De Force might be the exercise program you’ve been searching for.  But then again, it might not.

Let me explain…

Will these routines be the catalyst that change your life?  Eh. Doubt it.

Will this program make your ass look like granite and your abs like chiseled happiness?  Um. No.


Is Core De Force fun enough to hook you on an exercise program that keeps you coming back?  Yep

Are these routines the perfect enhancement to a pre-existing routine of strength-training and cardio?  Absolutely, like icing on a cake.

Will Core De Force make you feel like a total badass?  Yep.  There’s just something about kicking and punching that will make you feel incredible.

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Here’s a taste of what you’ll see in Core De Force:

Keep reading to find out what’s in every last corner of Core De Force (before you buy it).

If you use my link to purchase it helps support my business.  Thank you! (No hard feelings if you don’t.)  You can get more information here.

What is Core De Force?

Core De Force is an MMA-style series of workout videos/routines by Beachbody that you can do at home.

There are 11 routines on three discs:

MMA Speed-27 minutes

Dynamic Strength-47 minutes

Core Kinetics-16 minutes

5 Minute Core on the Floor-5 minutes

MMA Shred-37 minutes

Power Sculpt-37 minutes

Core De Force Relief-5 minutes

MMA Power-47 minutes

MMA Plyo-47 minutes

Active Recovery-21 minutes

MMA Mashup-26 minutes

The only equipment I’d suggest you have is a yoga mat of some kind.  And you won’t really need one of those if you’re working out on carpet or a soft surface.

I noticed this in the Warning script that rolls before you start each video.

If you actually read this then you’ll see this quote about an agility ladder.  Don’t worry about that.  I never saw an agility ladder used for any of the workouts.

Core De Force warning message

In general you need a space about 5’ X 8’ to do most workouts.  That should be enough space to do all of the Core De Force workouts, too.

You need enough room to fully extend your body on the floor (think planks and burpees) and obviously enough room to kick without taking out a lamp or small child. 

There are a few lateral shuffle/scoots but nothing that should require you to rearrange all the furniture.

Who is Core De Force Ideal For?

If you’re tired of doing step aerobics or lifting weights then you should try out Core De Force.

If Shaun T’s perfect abs are starting to make you mad (are they even real?), or if your joints just need a little holiday then Core De Force is for you.

Core De Force is primarily a cardio workout.  Yes, there are a few routines with titles that make you think you’ll be getting stronger (Power Sculpt, MMA Shred, Dynamic Strength).  And you will.  There are quite a few push-ups and squats in these workouts.

If you’ve never done a push-up or lifted anything heavier than an 18-month old (some of them are seriously heavy) then you’ll definitely get stronger with Core De Force.

But if you lift weights regularly then you’ll be referring to Core De Force as a cardio workout.

Core De Force is great for anyone looking for a (mostly) low-impact workout.

There are a few high-impact exercises but these moves are controlled and you can easily land like a cat and spare your knees any massive pounding.  I love that about Core De Force.  (My Knees: Please stop jumping for a few days.  We’re dying.  My Thighs: Seriously, go sit down and have some ice cream.  My Brain: It’s time for Core De Force.)  What, you’re body parts don’t speak to you?

When I review videos here at One Strong Southern Girl I use a choreography rating system. This rating system helps people understand how complex the routines are.  This has nothing to do with how intense the workouts I review are (they’re all intense).

Back in the old days I had a habit of purchasing a workout because the instructor looked amazing on the cover (yes, I judge a book by its cover).  I’d get home with the video, (remember life without Amazon Prime?) push play on the VCR (if you don’t have a clue what a VCR is right now then I totally hate you) and adjust my legwarmers in preparation.  On more than one occasion I immediately discovered (often before the warm-up was over) that I’d purchased a video that required some serious choreography skills.

As much as I like to think that those years of cheerleading made me into a dance-master they did not.  (In truth, I barely figured out all the steps to the Thriller video before they stopped playing it.)

There are reviews and ratings readily available now that can help you avoid purchasing a video with Broadway choreography when you’re at the level of the 70’s finger jive.  However, there’s really no mention of that type of thing with Beachbody ads so I’ll warn you here.

Most of the routines in Core De Force have very simple steps that anyone can figure out.  However, if you’ve never done a kickbox workout then beware.  You may get frustrated with some of these workouts.

If you’re not naturally coordinated (you know who you are) then Jericho and Joel may piss you off a little bit with their fancy punch-kick combos.

I forbid you to give up or use this as an excuse to not purchase or do these workouts, though.  Don’t be like that.  No one likes a quitter.

My suggestion: Slow Down.  Master each piece of the combo and blend them together slowly.  Speed up and add the ‘umph’ after you figure out the parts. 

Joel and Jericho explain and demo each combo before you do it so instead of checking your twitter feed watch them ‘teach’ each combo.

There’s also a ‘modifier’ athlete demonstrating an easier version of every exercise.  Follow her when you need to.

What do I love about Core De Force?

Jericho from Core De Force

Jericho is a badass

Jericho is a total badass.  Her hair mesmerizes me.  I can’t stop looking at it.

And most importantly she’s really good at motivating you to give it your all and never stop.  Without screaming, (a la Shaun T’s iconic tarzan “Let’s Go!”, which I love by the way) but with calm phrases and perfect form, she keeps you kicking and punching until the end of each set.

Joel from Core De Force


Joel’s ok, too.  He’s the Tony Horton of this series (only less dorky…Tony Horton’s dork-o-meter is way up there but that’s kind of what makes him endearing, and yet annoying simultaneously)

The real thing that I love about Core De Force is that it’s fun.  It reminds me of TurboJam or TurboFire (try TurboJam and TurboFire, Ladies, if you love this kickbox style), which are some of the funnest (I know it’s not a word but it works so I’m using it) programs around.

Core De Force workouts have unique moves and combinations that require you to flex your muscles and your brain.

Another thing I love about Core De Force routines are the length.  The longest routine in the 11 workouts is only 47 minutes.

It’s nice to have a choice when you don’t have a full hour to get your workout in.  I also like the shorter videos because when you have the time they pair nicely with other programs (like P90X3).

Core De Force routines are intense but not as tough as any of the Insanity workouts.

When I’m in the mood for an awesome workout that’s not going to leave me considering the installation of a defibrillator in my living room, I pull out Core De Force.

My Only Complaint about Core De Force…


This may seem like a small thing to many of you but to me it’s kind of a big deal.

Many of the combos in Core De Force are done on only one (the dominant) side.

There are almost always two sets but frequently set one and set two are both done on the dominant side.  The first time you do these routines you’ll think, Oh crap, I missed them switch to the other side.  But you didn’t.

There are a few combos done on both sides.  When this happens you’ll know because Joel and Jericho actually make a point of saying, The best fighters can do these combos from both sides.  Wait a minute…

There is an obvious solution.  Always do the second set on the non-dominant side (regardless of what the team is doing).

I’m not entirely sure why the routines were designed this way.  Personally, I feel lopsided all day if I don’t repeat every move on both sides.  I’m kind of weird, though, so maybe it won’t bother you.

Want to Know Exactly What You’ll be Doing in the Core De Force workouts?

I’ve written a post that breaks down every exercise in MMA Plyo, my favorite routine in the Core De Force program.

Check it out to learn about every kick, punch, and spike move you’ll be doing in that routine.  (I also explain what a spike move is.)

Want to Know How Many Calories You’ll Burn in Core De Force?

The Core De Force Results

Guess what?  I can’t tell you how many calories you’ll burn.  But I can tell you how many I burn.  (The number of calories you burn depends on several factors that are individual to you, including (but not limited to) your weight, height and existing physical fitness level (resting heart rate).)

I use a heart rate monitor to find out how many calories I burn.  I have 4 heart rate monitors (different colors and models).  I was wearing a Polar M400 heart rate monitor to get these values.

MMA Speed-188 calories (27 minutes)

Dynamic Strength-279 calories (47 minutes)

Core Kinetics-80 calories (16 minutes)

5 Minute Core on the Floor-27 calories (5 minutes)

MMA Shred-261 calories (37 minutes)

Power Sculpt-286 calories (37 minutes)

Core De Force Relief-10 calories (5 minutes)

MMA Power-383 calories (47 minutes)

MMA Plyo-394 calories (47 minutes)

Active Recovery-74 calories (21 minutes)

MMA Mashup-185 calories (26 minutes)

*And if you have a heart rate monitor and want to compare your values to mine, I’m 5’3”and roughly 123 lbs.

A Few Notes About Some of the Routines in Core De Force

Active Recovery

The first part of this 21-minute routine is a review of the basic kicks and punches done in Core De Force.

These exercises are all done in slo-mo for you to focus on technique and ‘recovery’.

The second half of the routine is all stretching.

Active Recovery is designed to be done after you’ve done several Core De Force workouts (your recovery period).

I’d recommend that you do this video right off the bat rather than waiting until after you’ve done a week or more of other Core workouts.  In fact, I recommend you do Active Recovery as your very first workout. 

It will help you learn the foundation for the kicks and punches and get your brain warmed up for the combos.

I like Active Recovery but I don’t see myself doing this one very often (maybe if I have an injury).

The pace is painfully slow (yeah, yeah, I know, it’s recovery) and once you learn all the moves you won’t need (or want) to do them in slo-mo for ten minutes.

If you’re looking for a stretch then put in Core De Force Relief (5 minutes) instead.

Core Kinetics vs. Core on the Floor

Core Kinetics reminds me of Ab Attack from Insanity Max:30.

The exercises are completely different but you do each exercise for one minute (like Ab Attack) and alternate between an abdominal exercise done on your backside to an ab move in high or low plank (like Ab Attack).

Core Kinetics is a great abdominal workout.  I’ll come back to this one a lot.

Core on the Floor is a 5-minute plank.  That’s right.  You’ll do different exercises but you never leave plank.  I’m not a huge fan of this routine.  It’s definitely a phenomenal ab workout.  The problem is that my upper body isn’t used to this (planking for 5 minutes without a break) and I end up with a sore neck/traps/rhomboids (not abs).

I’m hoping that if I do this one enough times that that won’t happen anymore.  Stretching helps but you’ll need to do that on your own.  There’s no stretch in Core on the Floor.

Core De Force Relief

Core De Force Relief is an interesting routine.  It’s just Joel and Jericho and they’re sitting in a darkened studio in bare feet and workout clothes.  They announce that this is your ‘Nighttime routine of stretch and recovery’.

You’ll immediately think you’re about to do yoga but you’re not.  This is literally just a 5-minute relaxing stretch.  You’ve done all of these stretches before (think elementary school group stretching in PE).

The best part of Relief is when Joel refers to your butt as your ‘bum’.

When it was over I wondered if people will actually do this routine more than once.

Personally, I won’t be busting out any Core De Force videos after I put on my PJ’s but maybe other people will.  It is a nice stretch.

Sadly this routine feels a little like an opportunity to unashamedly plug their products (Beachbody water bottle or Beachbody Performance supplement powder, anyone?  Wait, where’s the Shakeology??  Maybe not before bed…)

MMA Plyo

MMA Plyo is probably the most complicated routine in Core De Force but it’s also my favorite.

Stick with this one.  When you figure out all the exercises you’ll secretly hope someone walks in the living room while you’re working out just so you can impress them.

MMA Mashup

MMA Mashup is the bonus disc.  The routine is a compilation of a few of the exercises from each disc.  After you do Active Recovery you should do MMA Mashup next.  It gives you a taste of all the routines coming up.

Is Core De Force worth the money?

You’re kidding, right?  Yes, Core De Force is worth the money! (And throw in Insanity Max:30 and P90X3 while you’re at it.  You’re on the way to Badassville.)

Core De Force may not be the hardest workout in your arsenal but it might be in the running for the most fun.

If you don’t care about fun then consider this, you’re just not human if you don’t feel more confident and like a warrior after kicking and punching for almost an hour (I like to imagine I’m Jennifer Garner in Electra but you can pick whichever warrior floats your boat).

And remember you can find Core De Force by Beachbody on Amazon and it’s part of the library of workouts in a membership to Beachbody on Demand.

*Beachbody on Demand is now available to stream on Amazon!  But to get a free trial period you’ll need to go through the Beachbody site.

If you want to know more about Beachbody on Demand then read this awesome post.

Thank you for reading!  You’re awesome!

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