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Everything You Need to Know About PiYo Define: Lower Body

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Find Your Piyo Strength with Define: Lower Body

Your Definitive Guide to Piyo Define: Lower Body

Here’s how the pros at Beachbody describe Piyo:

“PiYo is for almost anybody who needs to get in shape and is interested in the concept of combining Pilates and yoga. It’s an introductory/intermediate program, meaning both first-time exercisers and those with a fitness base can benefit from it.”

Piyo is a unique workout.  If you normally exercise really hard (like I do) then Piyo is a nice option for days your joints and muscles need a little break.

Piyo: Define Lower Body is just one of the routines in the Piyo series.  Here’s what Piyo looks like:

You’ll find Define: Lower Body easier if you remind yourself what these yoga moves look like: Down Dog, Up Dog, Chaturanga, Warrior I/II,III, Triangle, Half-Moon, 3-Point-Balance, and Child’s Pose.

If those words (Chataranga, Half-Moon, etc.) sound like drinks at your favorite martini bar (I’ll have a Warrior I with Grey Goose, please) and not yoga, it’s ok.  You can (and should) still do this workout, but listen to Chalene and commit to doing each move properly.

Once you learn what these exercises are you’ll get more out of every Piyo workout.

The Piyo series is the perfect reason to sign up for a free trial of Beachbody on Demand.

I wish I’d had the opportunity to try out the routines before I invested in them.  I personally don’t find the routines effective enough to do them more than once a week. 

However, I know a few people who LOVE this series (and do Piyo workouts several times a week). 

I’d encourage you to borrow this workout from a friend or try it out via the free trial of BOD before you pay for it.

Now, let me explain exactly what happens in Define: Lower Body…

If you use my link to purchase it helps support my business.  Thank you! (No hard feelings if you don’t.)  You can get more information about that here.

Instructor– Chalene Johnson


Equipment-mat, chair (optional)

Length-21 minutes

HRM-55 calories


My rating– B

The Important Stuff about Piyo Define: Lower Body

Chalene does this workout in bare feet.  I usually wear shoes.  I recommend you try it both ways and find what works best for you.

Why do I think this routine deserves a ‘B’?  Read about my rating system here.  But basically it’s because I just don’t find it very effective (and it’s longer than it needs to be). Piyo Drench is the best routine in the Piyo series, in my opinion—that being said, if you’re a beginner to strength training then Define: Lower Body is a great option.

Read through to the end of this post to get tips on each section, links to a few places where you can find Piyo, and my recommendation for how to use this program.


This section is about 2 ½ minutes

You’ll recognize these moves from PiYo Drench and Alignment.  Make the moves big.  She pairs the PiYo cross with some standing lower body stretches.

Main Workout (The Exercises in Piyo Define: Lower Body)

Section One-Heat Building

This section is about 4 minutes long

Tricep Push Ups

These are really slow.  You’re still warming up.

High Plank-Chataranga-Up Dog-Down Dog

High Lunge Pulses

Low Lunge

Section Two-Warrior Series

This section is about 5 minutes in length

If you don’t do yoga all the time you need to pay close attention to the positions.  Look where the feet and hips are pointing.  The transitions and moves are smooth and controlled.  You shouldn’t be jerking or trying to go fast.

Warrior I (pulses)

Warrior II (pulses)


Low Lunge

Down Dog

Section Three-Balance Series

About 4 minutes

Using a chair (for balance) is an option for this section. 

I’ve said it a 1,000 times but listen to the form cues.  We all need to be reminded how to (correctly) do these moves.

Pyramid stretch

Warrior III

Half Moon


Crouching Crow

Section Four-Down Dog Series

Last 5 minutes of Piyo Define: Lower Body…

Chataranga-Up Dog-Down Dog-Leg Lift (split)

Pigeon (love this stretch)

Child’s Pose

Now What?

When to do this workout:

  • On the Rest Days when you’re training for a long run (like a half-marathon) or a Tough Mudder.
  • Paired with another PiYo workout (like, Define: Upper Body, Piyo Drench or any ab routine)
  • After a 1-3 mile run
  • If you’re just starting your fitness journey!

You can find PiYo Define: Lower Body in the PiYo series by Beachbody on Amazon.

The PiYo series is a part of a membership to Beachbody on Demand. I encourage you to try out this program.  Beachbody has a ton of incredible workouts.

The answers to all your questions about BOD are here.

*Beachbody on Demand is now available to stream on Amazon!  But to get a free trial period you’ll need to go through the Beachbody site.

Thank you for reading!  You’re awesome!

Piyo Define Lower Body-Everything You Need to Know-One Strong Southern Girl-Piyo has its place in the world. Find out if this workout is perfect for you.



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