25 Nov

The Top 7 Shopping Sites for Women’s Workout Clothes

The Best Fitness Apparel Sites for Women Today Where do you buy your workout clothes? If your answer is any of the following: A. Garage Sales B. I’m wearing the same tights, baggy t-shirt, and legwarmers that I bought in 1983 (after watching Flash Dance 100 times). Remember putting on your

18 Oct

Athletic Leggings—Your Guide to Vibrant, Quirky, Cool, Sexy and Practical Workout Pants

Five Places to Find Workout Pants (You Can Wear Anywhere) There are at least 2 ways that people repeatedly crush my soul into tiny bits when they wear leggings. Exhibit A: C’mon. Please tell me that you’re not someone’s mother if you’re wearing this in public. Exhibit B: No! No!

31 Aug

Workout Clothes Subscription Programs: Here’s Why You Might Want to Sign Up

Your Guide to the Top Workout Clothes Monthly Boxes Today (And Why You Should Think About Signing Up for One) The Crunches & Cosmos Podcast *Please subscribe to the Crunches & Cosmos podcast!  It doesn’t cost a thing!  Just click on the circle icon (with the 3 dots) in the

24 Aug

Your Simple Guide to ArmourBox & Why It’s One of the Best Fitness Subscription Boxes Today

The Key Ingredients in ArmourBox—A Top Fitness Subscription Box by Under Armour I’m so excited to tell you that Under Armour has joined the party! The monthly workout clothes subscription box party, that is? And they’re shaking things up in a big way! You’ll love what Under Armour is doing

12 Apr

The Best Workout Clothes Subscription Box Programs Right Now

The Best Subscription Boxes for Workout Clothes (For Women) Today Do you feel confident and beautiful when you get ready to exercise? Studies show that confidence affects performance. No matter how you look when the routine is over you need to start every workout feeling confident and beautiful. Let me

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