30 Mar

I Tried Meal Replacement Shakes for a Month (Here’s What Happened)

Meal Replacement Shakes–An Honest Account of a Classic Diet I’m going to tell you why meal replacement shakes might be your favorite diet ever. So, you know the basic rules with this diet. You replace 2 meals a day with one of these: And then eat one healthy meal at

12 Jan

5 Lessons Learned This Year as a Fitness Blogger and Small Business Owner (And My Resolutions for the Next 12 Months)

5 Important Lessons Learned This Year as a Fitness Blogger & Small Business Owner (And My Resolutions for the next 12 months) When I was a little girl my dad would gather me and my 3 sisters together to play poker… He’d pull out a pile of pennies and we’d

26 Oct

What would You tell your Younger Self (about Fitness)?

If you could go back in time what would you tell your younger (teenage) self about your body and fitness? Do you ever hear a group of teenage girls talking about pretty much anything and think…Wow, did I ever think like that? Overhearing the conversations of a younger generation of

28 Jun

Bathing Suits & Badasses

QUESTIONS WITH NO (GOOD) ANSWERS If you’d found yourself in the bathing suit section of Dillard’s a few weeks ago you might have heard some sad, colorful language emanating from the farthest corner of the dressing room. Phrases I uttered during the first 2-piece I tried on: When did I

28 Mar

Here’s What Happened Between me and Shaun T…

Dear Shaun T, I’ve known you for a long time now. We’ve kicked, planked, and burpee’d together through So. Many. Workouts.  (I have to confess I’ve never tried any of your dance programs, though.) You’ve tarzan-yelled words of encouragement at me and used your team to teach me perfect form.

3 Mar

The Day I Met a Dorito—A Love Story

What if I told you that I ate my first Dorito when I was 9 years old? It was magical. The proof of the power in that little chip lies in my memory of the moment. My memory, in general, is worthless. It’s embarrassing.  (I was in a car crash at

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