18 Oct

Athletic Leggings—Your Guide to Vibrant, Quirky, Cool, Sexy and Practical Workout Pants

Five Places to Find Workout Pants (You Can Wear Anywhere) There are at least 2 ways that people repeatedly crush my soul into tiny bits when they wear leggings. Exhibit A: C’mon. Please tell me that you’re not someone’s mother if you’re wearing this in public. Exhibit B: No! No!

17 Oct

Ten Incredible Gift Ideas for the Woman who Loves Exercise

10 Amazing Fitness Gift Ideas for Women So, it’s that time again.  Someone somewhere is sitting back waiting to be gifted. And sadly, it’s your turn to ante up that golden gift. All you’ve managed to do so far is narrow your gift idea down to: Something About Exercise. Good job! Step

27 Sep

Aaptiv-Everything You Need to Know About the Number One Audio Fitness App

An Aaptiv Review–Your Easy Guide to an Awesome Fitness App Crunches & Cosmos Podcast *Please subscribe to the Crunches & Cosmos podcast!  It doesn’t cost a thing!  Just click on the circle icon (with the 3 dots) in the player above.  By subscribing you’ll get a notice whenever a new

21 Sep

Home Gym Essentials Checklist for Busy Women

Your Home Gym Essentials Checklist Are you a married woman with kids and a career and not always enough time to manage your fitness routine? Do you ever struggle to maintain your current fitness level or want to get back to the shape you were in several years ago? I

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