1 Jun

Treat Yourself to Metabolic Conditioning Live with Cathe Friedrich

Try Metabolic Conditioning Live with Cathe Friedrich–You Won’t Regret It For some reason I always expect the live workouts to be easier than the professionally choreographed and polished routines on Cathe Friedrich’s DVD’s but I’ve been set straight with every single live Cathe workout. Metabolic Conditioning Live is just as

20 May

Kickbox & Upper Body by Cathe Friedrich Hits the Nail on the Head

4-Day Split Cardio+Weights, Kickbox & Upper Body–Another Incredible Cathe Friedrich Program 4-Day Split Cardio + Weights by Cathe Friedrich is a 2-disc program with 27 different workouts. I’m going to tell you how I burn over 500 calories doing one of those routines, Kickbox and Upper Body. Kickbox and Upper Body has

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