24 Feb

High Step Training (A Top Aerobic Step Workout) is 5 Cycles of Awesome

High Step Training with Cathe Friedrich is a Timeless Aerobic Step Workout High Step Training is 5 cycles of awesome. CARDIO STRENGTH TRAINING BIG CALORIE BURN This is a total body workout. Here’s what High Step Training looks like: There is one flaw in High Step Training. Cathe doesn’t tell

16 Feb

Party Rockin’ Step #1- Are You Up for the (Step Aerobics) Challenge?

Try this Advanced Routine if You Love Step Aerobics–Party Rockin’ Step #1 with Cathe Friedrich The first time you master all 6 combinations in Party Rockin’ Step #1 without screwing up you’ll want to call the entire family over to watch you. Party Rockin’ Step 1 is that kind of

11 Feb

A Serious Cardio and Step Aerobics Challenge

One of the Best Step Aerobics Routines You’ll Ever Do: Imax Extreme Don’t skip this program just because it’s not the newest Cathe Friedrich production. If you do, you’ll be missing out on an incredible opportunity. This is one of Cathe’s most challenging classic step aerobic programs. I burn over

9 Feb

Afterburn is a Unique Dumbbell Workout for Women

Afterburn is A Dumbbell Workout for Women that Gets Results Fast Afterburn with Cathe Friedrich is a Great Low-Impact Option to Burn a Ton of Calories For some reason, whenever I see ‘low impact’ on a video I assume it will be slightly easier. Afterburn is the perfect example for

5 Feb

A Top Total Body Workout for Women–To The Max with Cathe Friedrich

To the Max Extreme Has a Little Bit of Everything To the Max is an incredible program by Cathe Friedrich. Almost every video Cathe Friedrich releases includes premix routines (additional workouts) and To the Max is no exception. To the Max Extreme is my favorite premix workout in the To

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