28 Mar

Here’s What Happened Between me and Shaun T…

Dear Shaun T,

I’ve known you for a long time now.

We’ve kicked, planked, and burpee’d together through So. Many. Workouts.  (I have to confess I’ve never tried any of your dance programs, though.)

You’ve tarzan-yelled words of encouragement at me and used your team to teach me perfect form.

I’ve loved and hated you.

Your programs have become a part of my life—neither of which have been perfect.

I think it’s safe to say we’re friends at this point.

And from one friend to another, here’s how you’ve touched the life of One Strong Southern Girl…

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I first met you with classic Insanity

I’d just gotten (re)married.  Life was one big BANG! POW! SIZZLE!

Nothing could go wrong.  It was like I was a teenager again (only without the acne and homework).

At that time, Insanity fit my life like a (good pair) of skinny jeans.

I’d never seen anyone so full of energy.  Every routine felt personal—like all your motivational wisdom was crafted just for me.

Insanity was new and exciting.  With your help, I pushed my body to its very limits with every workout.  (I’d never had my life flash before my eyes in a warm-up!)

It was awesome.

And with Insanity I always feel like I’m part of your team—just another one of your amazing athletes in that school gymnasium.

The expressions on the faces of your team even seem to match mine, Do I Love This?  Am I Dying?  Will anyone stop and give me CPR (before the interval is over)?  Did I actually just do another tuck jump? Damn, I’m a badass. Seriously, if I survive this, I can do anything. 

Gasping, hands-on-knees panting, dripping in sweat, and Loving. Every. Second.

Then came Insanity The Asylum

Like The Asylum, my life was more complicated by this time.

I started a new job in a different city and and every day felt like I was trying to solve a calculus problem with a fork.  Nothing was easy.

The Asylum workout added some cool equipment.  An agility ladder!?  A new team of badasses!  And your abs!  Wth!  Are those things even real?!  You had my attention.

That stupid ladder became my nemesis.

But I was determined to master every last criss-cross, leap, and push-up executed up,down, and around that ladder in The Asylum, while working towards a chiseled 6-pack (just like yours).

I grew to appreciate the agility ladder.

I still love The Asylum.  And can crush (almost) every last exercise.

But I never got used to moving to a new city.  It was a bad move.  Nothing really worked out like I’d planned.  We all make mistakes—which brings me to Focus T25.

Let’s face it.  The Focus T25 program didn’t fit you.  It didn’t allow you to be you.

It was painful to watch and (with the exception of Beta Dynamic Core and Alpha Ab Intervals) boring to do.

Sadly, it wasn’t your best hairstyle and all the personality that I’d grown to love from you was completely missing.

In your defense, maybe this was marketed to a (‘beginner’) audience (not me) and I was sucked into the Beachbody vortex because I saw you and got excited, but T25 was not your best work.

But when you’re at the bottom there’s nowhere to go but up, and you rose to the occasion with Insanity Max:30

I have to admit I was a little burned after T25 and didn’t jump right on to the Insanity Max:30 train.

My life had come full circle at this time.  All the BANG! POP! And SIZZLE was back.

I moved closer to family and my job wasn’t work anymore, but something that I looked forward to doing.

But at some point I grew complacent with my exercise routine and needed something new and exciting.  And hey, everyone deserves a second chance.

And just like that everything fell into place.

You’re back!  *tears of happiness, fist bumps all around*

Insanity Max:30 has the flavor of every Insanity workout but each routine is still one-of-a-kind.

Seriously, I love you.  Who doesn’t?  Max:30 is brilliant. No equipment.  Just 30 minutes. Fun. Effective.  And another awesome team who motivates and inspires!

So, you see Shaun T, we’ve been on a journey together.

Even though my abs have never morphed into anything remotely close to what you’re selling, I’ll keep recommending (and doing) your workouts (with the exception of one program we won’t mention again).

Now that I can access every Beachbody routine you’ve made (with my Beachbody on Demand membership) I might even hip-hop with you in the near future.

Keep up the good work!  I can’t wait to see what’s next for us both.

Dear Shaun T-One Strong Southern Girl-See if you feel the same way about Beachbody pro Shaun T as One Strong Southern Girl does, in this funny letter to the fitness instructor himself.



“Life is complicated.  Fitness doesn’t have to be.”

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