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I’m a small-town girl with big dreams.

I want to help every woman find their confidence, power and sexy inner self through exercise.

👉I believe a strong body leads to a strong mind that can help you have a better life.

But, Mickie, you might be saying, exercise won’t solve all the problems in the world.

Oh, my friend, believe me, I agree.


💥 With a strong body (and mind) you’ll be 100% present every single day and ready to face whatever life throws your way. 💥

Why do I think this?

Because over the last 25 years my life has been just as interesting (and challenging) as yours.

My first pregnancy was at 19 and my first marriage wasn’t until my second pregnancy 2 years later. For years I lived under a roof where addiction set all the rules.  I lived in public housing and was on food stamps for several years.   Then there was divorce…and remarriage…and 3 miscarriages…and then cancer and becoming a widow with 4 kids.

And I truly believe that my love of exercise and dedication to feeling physically capable of anything gave me the mental fortitude to go on no matter what.

And of course, I’ve had so much to celebrate, too.

I graduated with a Master’s degree and obtained board certification and licensing in a highly respected medical profession.  I adopted 2 amazing babies and enjoyed 4 kids that I live and breathe for every day.  And I found love again and remarried my junior high boyfriend and have had the joy of being a step mom to a little girl with beauty and leadership beyond her years.

So, I hope you’ll join me on this journey to becoming the best version of you.  A woman with her head high because she knows has the physical and mental capacity to face every up and down in life with a smile on her face and her hand stretched out to help the next girl in line. 💕

Mickie of One Strong Southern Girl looking at the camera in front of a wooden fence


Keep reading to find out what things I love, what my fantasy job is, and my least favorite exercise…



Who Am I

wife, mother, sister, small business owner, YA author

Things I Love (In random order)

exercise, chocolate, my husband, books, tattoos, my kids, writing, bread, sisters

What (else) I do

I’m a certified and licensed physician assistant (for 20 years) in Texas and Tennessee


I was a certified personal trainer in my 20’s, I’ve run four 10K’s, five 1/2 marathons, one Warrior Dash two Tough Mudders (so far) and a Spartan Sprint.

My Fantasy Jobs

Trapeze artist

Stunt woman

Fitness apparel tester


Type A (I can’t stop organizing!); I’m also a big smart-ass. Shut up. You know you’re one, too

How I Deal with Stress

Humor and exercise

Favorite Drink(s)

Nestle’s flavored water (grape and orange are the best); Cosmopolitan or a Lemon Drop Martini

My Least Favorite Exercise(s)

Running, push-ups, & air jacks

Pet Peeves

Bad cuing in a workout video, when the instructor is off beat, not telling me what weight they’re using, and worst of all…an instructor that doesn’t actually do the workout (stopping to show proper form for a second is ok but don’t walk around the whole time while I’m dying…not cool)

Favorite Foods

Bread, hands down. I’m the loser that takes the last piece of fresh bread off the appetizer plate while everyone else is trying to decide who gets it. It’s sad. I’m working on it. Also, chocolate chip ice cream.

Future Plans

Another Tough Mudder

More tattoos

And finally I’d love to share with you the wonderful organizations that have touched my life in some way and give me hope when I need it most.

Organizations I Love

African Christian College

A Child’s Dream

Best Buddies

Drug Abuse & Addiction Education

Lifetime Adoption

Prostate Cancer Education

United Way


Thank you for visiting! One Strong Southern Girl ❤'s you!