26 Jan

5 Surprisingly Awesome Reasons it’s OK to do Short Workouts

The Truth About Short Workouts (And 5 Reasons it’s Ok to Do Them)

I’d never describe myself as a failed exerciser.

I mean, that’s harsh.

But the fact is, my day as a wife, mom and small-business owner very often feels like hour after hour of trouble-shooting, decision-making moments all minced together in a super-powered veggie blender.

And even though, sometimes I may not be too physically tired to exercise, I’m so psychologically wiped out that the idea of picking out which tights to wear is a bigger decision than I can wrap my brain around (and never even make it to the stage where I decide what workout I’m going to do.)

Then the workout guilt hits me like a cold shower.

And I feel a little tiny bit like I failed at something that day.

And that sucks.

Can you relate?

It used to be so much easier to schedule a workout into your day.

The worst part is that you know how important ‘me time’ is and actually love the way a good workout makes you feel but you can’t skip a carpool activity or work meeting to make a run to the gym.

But I’ve found the solution.  And it’s a good one. (You’ll be tempted to replace your old exercise routine.)

You don’t need to sacrifice time with your family or career to squeeze in an hour at the gym.

Sometimes short workouts (as short as 10-minutes) can be even better for you than long ones.

Here’s why you don’t need to feel guilty about doing a short workout. (AKA-the workout you have time for)

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Studies have discovered these facts:

✔Short ‘burst’ type workouts can increase your metabolism and fat-burning for the day.

✔Short intense workouts can promote lean muscle mass.

✔Short, interval training (like HiiT workouts-high intensity interval training) can improve cardiovascular health and lower blood pressure.

✔Daily exertion can be split into smaller durations of moderate exercise and still have the same beneficial effect as a longer, more intense workout.

✔Most recently, researchers found that a 10-minute workout, with just one minute at high-intensity, had the same benefits as 45 minutes of jogging.

✔HiiT workouts are more efficient at burning calories, meaning it’s a more efficient way to exercise.

✔Just 15 minutes of exercise per day could actually increase your lifespan.

✔One study found that certain 11-minute workouts done just 3 times/week could help maintain weight.

✔Some studies suggest that just 10 minutes of vigorous exercise can increase your brainpower and a regular 12-minutes of exercise may lower your risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

*Reference sources are listed at the bottom of this post

Now, just in case all of the research above didn’t convince you of the benefits of short ‘bite-sized’ workouts.

Here are my favorite reasons to change your mindset.  And embrace the idea that you don’t need to have an hour to make your workout worth your time.

5 surprising reasons you should be doing bite-sized workouts…and how they’re way beyond ‘better than nothing’

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As the research has found, you can turn up your metabolism for the whole day (and keep your weight controlled) by doing intense, compact exercise routines.

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We all know what exercise does for your energy level.

And a short workout is the perfect activity to provide the energy boost you need in your day.

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Endorphins, baby!

The ingredient of happiness.

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You can get strength gains with short resistance training routines, which is not only important for bone health, but also makes you sexy and tone.

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Exercising your body helps your brain.  It’s a fact.


Fall in love with this mindset.

A short workout can be just as beneficial as your long one.

Let’s face it.

Sometimes finding time to exercise is a bitch.

And an honest to goodness issue for women.

So, these studies should make you jump up and down.

Throw confetti and pull the cake out of the fridge! (wait, no, put the cake back)

Now we know that a short workout isn’t just ‘better than nothing’ but can actually whip you into shape!

And guess what? No more workout guilt!  That’s right! Throw off that guilt you’ve been dragging around for weeks because you haven’t had time for a long workout.

You do NOT have to sacrifice exercise because your’s busy.  Feel amazing again because you’re doing what you need to do to be the best you there is.

Afterall, the best exercise program is the one you do consistently.

But you do you.  At the end of the day the important thing is that you find the exercise you love and make it a part of your life, wherever you are in your life right now.  No excuses.

*I’m not advocating a change to your current exercise program if it involves longer workouts and is working for you.  This article is meant to encourage women who might be in a season of their life where there’s no time for regular (longer) workouts, to consider the fact that they can still be exercising regularly with shorter exercise routines and achieving the health benefits they want.


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