16 Feb

Party Rockin’ Step #1- Are You Up for the Challenge?

A Review of Party Rockin’ Step #1 The first time you master all 6 combinations in Party Rockin’ Step #1 without screwing up you’ll want to call the entire family over to watch you. Party Rockin’ Step 1 is that kind of workout. But don’t avoid this video because the

28 Jan

Summary & Review: Body Max 2 with Cathe Friedrich

A Review of Body Max 2 with Cathe Friedrich A Detailed Review of the Premix: Scrambled Eggs Body Max 2 is HARD! If this is your first taste of Cathe Friedrich then you might need a medic before the workout is over. But hey, aren’t we all looking for a

25 Jan

Fitness for Women–What Equipment Should I Buy?

What’s the Best Piece of Equipment to Invest in to Add Variety to Your Fitness Routine? Updated-May 5, 2017 I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post.  Please see more details here.  Thank you! Sometimes my fitness routine feels like using a port-o-potty or eating

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