18 Nov

What is P90X3 Total Synergistics?

How to Crush the 16 Exercises in P90X3 Total Synergistics Updated-February 3, 2017 “Total Synergistics is a Melting Pot of resistance training. Every exercise incorporates more than one muscle group and it uses stabilization training to force your muscles and your brain to work together…allowing you to move more athletically…grace,

1 Nov

The Surprising Secret Ingredient to Mastering P90X3 Accelerator—A Perfect Plank

P90X3 Accelerator—Not Just Cardio, Get Ready to Plank Updated-February 6, 2017 P90X3 Accelerator is one of my favorite routines from the P90X3 series.  The cardio exercises are unique, fun and effective. There are some familiar exercises and some new stuff to learn in this routine. Find out what I love

18 Jun

P90X3 The Challenge—Welcome to the Push-Up Party

P90X3 The Challenge Will Pump You Up Updated-February 27, 2017 The Challenge is a push/pull routine. You’ll do 2 exercises in each interval.  One exercise is a variation of a push-up and the other is a type of pull-up. Ladies, start each push-up move on your toes (not your knees).  I

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