19 Oct

Whip Out Your Inner Acrobat for P90X2 Balance + Power

Find Your Balance and Uncover That 6-Pack with P90X2 Balance + Power Updated-February 8, 2017 A P90X2 Review of Balance + Power X2 Balance + Power has three rounds of 6 exercises.  There are breaks in between. Here’s a peek at this workout from the P90X2 series: Make sure you

23 Aug

The Secret to Mastering P90X2 X2 Core—Good Balance

Get Through the Fluff and P90X2, X2 Core Is a Solid Workout Updated-February 13, 2017 A P90X2 Review Remember this is what the P90X2 program looks like (X2 Core is just one of the routines in the program): I hardly break a sweat doing X2 Core but there’s a guy in

5 Jul

Get Sculpted with P90X2 Shoulders + Arms

A Review and Summary of P90X2 Shoulders + Arms Updated-February 21, 2017 After you get through the long warmup, X2 Shoulders + Arms is traditional weight training (with a lot of repetition). Like a lot of the P90X2 workouts, some of the exercises have a balance option.  If your balance

6 Apr

P90X2 PAP Upper: The Magic Number is Four

Everything You Want to Know About P90X2 PAP Upper Don’t let the title of this P90X2 workout confuse you. *Postactivation Potentiation (PAP) is a training philosophy that is used to achieve maximum muscle fiber recruitment to improve performance of explosive sports moves.  Look it up.  It’s all good. Just know

14 Mar

Want an Amazing Upper Body? Try P90X2 Total Body

Get P90X2 Total Body for a Sculpted Upper Body & Stronger Core–A P90X2 Review The title says Total Body, but this is an upper body and core strength-training workout. Here’s a reminder of what the P90X2 program is all about (Total Body is just one of the routines in this

2 Mar

P90X2 Ab Ripper: A Summary & Evaluation

A Review of P90X2 Ab Ripper “Engagement–not momentum.” –Tony Horton’s Tip-of-the-day for P90X2 Ab Ripper The tempo in this ab routine is slower than the original Ab Ripper X.  The idea is to focus on engaging every ab muscle with each rep. Remember Ab Ripper X2 is just one of the

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