19 Oct

Whip Out Your Inner Acrobat for P90X2 Balance + Power

Find Your Balance and Uncover That 6-Pack with P90X2 Balance + Power Updated-February 8, 2017 A P90X2 Review of Balance + Power X2 Balance + Power has three rounds of 6 exercises.  There are breaks in between. Here’s a peek at this workout from the P90X2 series: Make sure you

23 Aug

The Secret to Mastering P90X2 X2 Core—Good Balance

Get Through the Fluff and P90X2, X2 Core Is a Solid Workout Updated-February 13, 2017 A P90X2 Review Remember this is what the P90X2 program looks like (X2 Core is just one of the routines in the program): I hardly break a sweat doing X2 Core but there’s a guy in

5 Jul

Get Sculpted with P90X2 Shoulders + Arms

A Review and Summary of P90X2 Shoulders + Arms Updated-February 21, 2017 After you get through the long warmup, X2 Shoulders + Arms is traditional weight training (with a lot of repetition). Like a lot of the P90X2 workouts, some of the exercises have a balance option.  If your balance

6 Apr

P90X2 PAP Upper: The Magic Number is Four

Everything You Want to Know About P90X2 PAP Upper Updated-March 28, 2017 Don’t let the title of this workout confuse you. Just know that PAP Upper is all about sculpting your upper body into a chiseled masterpiece. The bad news is that P90X2 PAP Upper uses a lot of equipment.

14 Mar

Want an Amazing Upper Body? Try P90X2 Total Body

Get P90X2 Total Body for a Sculpted Upper Body & Stronger Core–A P90X2 Review Updated-April 12, 2017 The title says Total Body, but this is an upper body and core, strength-training workout. Here’s a reminder of what the P90X2 program is all about (Total Body is just one of the

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