27 Apr

Just Buy Insanity The Asylum? Here’s How to Crush Speed & Agility

Insanity The Asylum, Speed & Agility Updated-March 20, 2017 So, you did it.  You’ve officially purchased a really hard workout. No more Kickin’ it to the 80’s  or The Basics of Stretching.  It’s time to get serious, people. And we all know how anxious you are to tell everyone on

17 Feb

An Insanity Asylum Review of Game Day

An Insanity Asylum Review Get Ready to Love Insanity The Asylum, Game Day “Insanity The Asylum will take you from average to elite in just 30 days.” –Beachbody, Insanity the Asylum What’s your favorite sport?  Track/Field? Baseball? Wrestling? Basketball? Speed Skating?  Football? Surfing? Game day uses these sports (as well

5 Feb

Summary & Review: Insanity The Asylum Strength (with Bands)

Insanity: The Asylum Strength (with Bands)* An Insanity Asylum Review *Insanity The Asylum Strength and Strength with Bands are the same workout.  The Strength with Bands option shows you how to modify the workout using a band if you don’t have dumbbells. The best part of Insanity The Asylum>>> Shaun T’s

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