15 Aug

How Good is Butts & Guts by Cathe Friedrich?

Perk Up Your Backside with Butts & Guts by Cathe Friedrich I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post.  Please see more details here.  Thank you! Instructor-Cathe Friedrich Category-Strength Equipment-5 lb dumbbells, step with a few risers* (to make two different heights, if possible), band* (or

21 Jan

A Review of Super Cuts by Cathe Friedrich

Super Cuts with Cathe Friedrich Updated January 18, 2017 Premix* Review: Super Cuts Extreme + Core 1 *Premix workouts are additional routines included on almost all Cathe Friedrich videos.  Some are shorter and some are longer than the main workout. Find a detailed review of the main routine on Super Cuts

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