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HiiT Double Wave Pyramid is Short & Sweet

(HiiT) High Intensity Interval Training, (Double Wave) Pyramid-Here’s What You Want to Know

Updated-March 31, 2017

When you’re short on time but craving a good workout (Double Wave) Pyramid is perfect.

You really have no excuses to avoid this routine.  You don’t need any coordination, equipment, or time.

Let me explain it all to you…

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Instructor-Cathe Friedrich

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Equipment-mat (for stretch)

Length-30 minutes

HRM-237 calories


My rating-A

Important Stuff

The High Intensity Interval Training video has 3 workouts: Double Wave Pyramid (or just, Pyramid), 30/30, and 40/20.  Each workout is about 30 minutes of high-intensity cardio.  This is a review of the Pyramid workout.  Here’s a sample of what you’ll see on the video:


Double Wave Pyramid has two sets of 5 exercises.  Starting at 20 seconds for the first circuit interval, you add 5 seconds to each circuit, doing the 5th circuit exercise for 40 seconds.  Your rest between exercises is equal to the length of the circuit, the exception coming after the last exercise when you get a minute to rest.

You go up the pyramid doing 5 exercises and then you do four moves going back down the pyramid.  You end back at the 20 second interval.

It’s a Double Wave Pyramid because you repeat all nine moves in the same pattern for a second pyramid.

This is my favorite workout of the three on this video, High Intensity Interval Training.  All 3 workouts are amazing but I love that you don’t really have to drag out any equipment (for this routine) to get started.  (You only need a mat for the stretch at the end).

There’s a countdown clock for each interval. Love!

I tend to count every rep no matter what exercise I’m doing, so for other ‘counters’ out there, I share with you below the number of reps in each grouping.  You can print this workout and be completely prepared for each exercise (you’re welcome 🙂 ).

Remember to read to the end of this post for tips on each section in Double Wave Pyramid as well as links to a few places you can compare prices on the High Intensity Interval Training program. 


There’s a short aerobic warm-up.

Main Workout


20 seconds: Plié Jacks, there are 23

20 second rest

25 seconds: Tuck Jumps, there are 22

25 second rest

30 seconds: Power Scissors (alternating legs), there are 30

30 second rest

35 seconds: ¼ Jump Turns (right), there are 21

35 second rest

40 seconds: 3 Jumps Forward and Jump Turn, there are 12

40 second rest

35 seconds: ¼ Jump Turns (left), 21 reps

35 second rest

30 seconds: Squat Jumps, 26 reps

30 second rest

25 seconds: Mountain Climbers, 28 sets

25 second rest

20 seconds: Air Jacks, 19 reps (there are only 18 reps in the second pyramid)



Repeat everything!

Cool Down/Stretch

Don’t make excuses to skip this.  Flexibility is important.  Just do it.

Final Thoughts

Double Wave Pyramid from High Intensity Interval Training is a great program.  If you’re looking to add a few compact cardio workouts to your routine then consider investing in this video.

You can find the HiiT video with this workout on Cathe’s site, Amazon, and at Collage Video.

And don’t forget about Cathe on Demand.  You can access this routine (plus all of her other workouts, there are over 300!) with a membership.  I love it.  This article will help you decide if it’s right for you.

Use the comment section to tell me what YOU think about HiiT Double Wave Pyramid!

Thank you for reading.  You’re awesome.  Just saying.

HiiT Double Wave Pyramid-Short and Sweet-One Strong Southern Girl-You don't need coordination, equipment, or time to do this intense workout. Let me explain it to you.





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