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The Five Perfect Gift Ideas for Any Fitness Fanatic in 2017

5 Incredible Gift Ideas for any Fitness Enthusiast–Give the Gift of Fitness Today

Updated-April 6, 2017

So, it’s that time again.  Someone somewhere is sitting back waiting to be gifted.

And sadly, it’s your turn to ante up that golden gift.

All you’ve managed to do so far is narrow your gift idea down to: Something About Exercise. Good job!  Step one: check!  Now comes the hard part–sorting through a million ideas for fitness crap online.

Now before you rush off and type ‘Gift for Fit Girl’ or ‘Exercise Gift for Husband’ into Amazon’s fancy mega search monster, let me help you.

I’m a fitness fanatic and I’ve purchased




for exercising over the years.  I’m going to tell you what will earn you a big ‘ol bear hug from your lucky gift recipient.

And guess what?  There are actually 10 Gift Ideas in this list so you’re sure to find something that works.

This is a list I’ve compiled based on products I use and love.  Most of the suggestions are for any man or woman who loves exercise but I’ve included a few additional suggestions that will generally apply more to a specific gender (and I’ll tell you what those are).

I may receive a commission if you purchase something mentioned in this post.  Please see more details here.  Thank you!


Beachbody on Demand 5 Reasons to Try It

A regular subscription will give you access to tons of Beachbody workouts like Insanity, P90X, TurboFire, and tons more.


Sign up for a month (the free trial period) and then cancel if he/she doesn’t use it.

Tip #2

If someone in the house has already purchased any of the workouts in the ‘Premium Content’ from Beachbody or Amazon then consider putting the account in their name so you can access those workouts from your BOD account, too.

Tip #3

Read my post about Beachbody on Demand before you sign up.  Beachbody On Demand: 5 Reasons to Try It, covers everything you need to know to help you make a decision.


Insanity Max:30

Insanity Max:30 is a cardio-focused series of workouts by Beachbody.  Each video is 30 minutes long (32 with the cool down/stretch) with Shaun T as your host.  Insanity Max:30 fits Shaun T like a glove.  If the person you’re shopping for loves classic Insanity then they’ll also love this series.  Make sure you compare prices at Amazon, too.

A Bonus

Anyone can follow the choreography in Insanity Max:30 and there’s no equipment required.


FT4 Heart Rate Monitor


If you decide to go with this idea make sure you invest in a heart rate monitor that has a chest strap.  This style (with a chest strap) records the most accurate heart rate.

I’ve used the FT4 and FT7 by Polar.  Here’s a comparison chart of the Polar options to study.  I recommend the Polar FT4 (there are several colors to choose from in either version).  Only spend money on the features you need.  The more expensive monitors don’t work better they just have more tech features.

TIP-Polar has come out with some new models of heart rate monitors.  I’m using an A300 now.  It’s cool but it has a lot of extra features I don’t really use.  The best feature is access to Polar Flow (the FT models won’t sync with Polar Flow).

Body Beast4. BODY BEAST

*This idea is more for men but any woman that likes to lift weights (like me) can use it, too.  (Check out this post to see a review of my favorite Body Beast routine for women.)

This is a strength-training workout program by Beachbody and hosted by Segi Kalev.  Body Beast is classic weight-lifting.  Segi is funny and the series is good (and it works).  Reminder–Compare prices with Amazon.


Consider an additional gift of 15, 20, & 25 lb. dumbbells to get started with this program for men.  For women, consider a set of 5, 8, 10, 12, and/or 15 lb. dumbbells. These are the type I recommend (more about why I recommend a specific kind of dumbbells below).

A Good Dumbbell


It’s worth it to invest in a good set of dumbbells.  The grip, shape, and covering on the weights all matters.

A grip that’s too rough can cause skin rips and a grip that’s too narrow (in diameter) will cause hands to cramp up.  Dumbbells with rounded ends are annoying because they roll.  (That sounds trivial but it becomes really irritating when they’ve rolled across the room every time you go to pick them up.  It also means you have to store them wedged up against something.)

I prefer hexagonal heads, a decent sized grip, and neoprene/vinyl-covered or solid rubber material like these.

A good set of dumbbells to get started with for men are 10, 15, 20, and 25 lbs.  For women, start with 5, 8, 10, and 12 lb. dumbbells.  (A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells is a helpful article if you’re looking for dumbbells for a woman.)

pull-up barTip

If you decide to purchase a pull-up bar throw in a pull-up assist band, too.

Tip #2

Measure the door frame where the bar will be positioned to make sure you’re getting the right size.

Tip #3

Make sure you look at the weight limit for the bar you’re buying.  You want the person who’ll be using it to be safe.

Tip #4

Please read A Woman’s Guide to Buying Dumbbells before you buy (if you’re purchasing for a female).

Need a few more suggestions?

Keep reading for 5 MORE FITNESS GIFT IDEAS


P90x3, push up stands, and a pull up bar6. P90X3

Tony Horton hosts this Beachbody series of sixteen different 30 minute cardio and strength training workouts.  P90X3 is my favorite series with Tony Horton (here’s the Amazon link).  If you’re not sure about this one you can read about a few of the workouts to find out more: Agility X, The Challenge, Eccentric Upper, The Warrior, Eccentric Lower, and CVX.


If you purchase P90X3 as a gift for someone then think about adding a pull-up bar, a set of push-up stands, some dumbbells, and/or a pair of workout gloves to help them get started.


Cathe Friedrich Xtrain and Ripped with HiiT Banner


*This idea is mostly (but not exclusively) for women

I recommend the ICE series for the intermediate or beginner, and Ripped with HiiT or Xtrain for the advanced athlete.

The awesome thing about Cathe Friedrich is that you can purchase an entire series or just the individual workouts you want out of the series (Beachbody doesn’t do that).  You can find most of her videos on Amazon or on Cathe’s website.


Check out this link from Amazon where I’ve compiled all of my favorite Cathe workouts. (Use the Categories tab to check out my different recommendations.)

Tip #2

Cathe uses an aerobics step like this and a variety of dumbbells in many of her routines.

Go ahead and purchase the step or a few pair of dumbbells (for women, a good place to start is a pair of 5, 8, and 10’s) to really impress your loved one.

Tip #3

Do not skimp on a good aerobics step.  I have purchased many versions over the years.  You need a wide step with solid risers and a nonslip surface for safety reasons.  It matters.  I promise.  I like this one because it’s safe and you can purchase more risers to adjust the height for different workouts.



There are 2 subscription options.  The LIVE option is $9.97/month and gives you access to all of Cathe Friedrich’s live workouts done in her home gym in New Jersey.  These are fun and there’s a ton of variety.  The second option is Cathe On Demand and is $19.97/month (that’s the one I have) and gives you access to all of her Live workouts + all of her videos.

You can cancel at any time.  Let her try it for a month and see what she thinks.

For more information about this you can read Forget the Gym! Workout at Home–Beachbody on Demand vs Cathe on Demand

And How to Sign Up for Cathe Live or Cathe on Demand

Check out Cathe’s pinterest page to see samples of her live workouts.



Wantable is a subscription program for women’s fitness apparel.

Wantable home page

From the Wantable experts-

“The Fitness Edit is a personal styling service that allows you to try before you buy. This means you get to try on 5-7 handpicked fitness and athleisure items in the comfort of your own home before paying for them. These items feature the hottest styles and latest innovations from brands like Lukka Lux, Shape Active, Chi Chi, Onzie, and Just Live. Item prices are based on your personal preferences but usually range from $30-$70 each.  The Fitness Edit is a monthly subscription, but you can skip a month or cancel at any time. “

Use the ‘Get Started’ button to fill out the style profile and create an account. Then wait for the awesome fitness apparel to arrive!

Wantable profile

Once you receive your personalized selections you try on everything (I usually receive 7 articles of clothing) and keep what you want.  You have 5 days to send back what you don’t want in the enclosed envelope.  It’s awesome!

how Wantable works

I currently belong to several subscription fitness apparel programs including Fabletics, Sweatstyle, and Adidas.  They all have great products but Wantable is the best at communication.  From all the emails you receive about your shipment along its journey, down to the amazing images of your items in the packing slip, the Wantable gurus are experts at keeping you informed.

Wantable packing slip

A Wantable Invoice/Packing Slip

Wantable also offers a subscription program for their Style line.  This is also a membership program for apparel but instead of fitness clothing you can get everyday wear, like the Stitch Fix program.  (I belong to Stitch Fix (love it) but haven’t tried the Wantable Style line membership service.  I feel confident in saying it’s probably good, though.)

And if you’d rather give the gift of Wantable in the form of a gift card (and let the recipient fill out the profile) you can use this link.

Check out Your Guide to the Wantable Fitness Edit for more information.

*If Wantable doesn’t float your boat my next recommendation is Sweatstyle.  You can’t lose with either program.

And one more great gift idea…



Who doesn’t need new/more/better exercise equipment?

Amazon store

Here’s a link to all of my favorite fitness tools and exercise videos.  Any of these accessories or videos would be a great gift idea for a fitness fanatic.

Happy shopping!

Give the Gift of Fitness in 2017-One Strong Southern Girl-Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves to exercise? Give the gift of fitness! I've tried every product. Here are my recommendations.



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