4 Jan

This is What Makes Aaptiv the Number One Audio Fitness App

Why You Need to Try Aaptiv Today “Your body was made to run”—Ed, pro trainer from Aaptiv I’m really excited to tell you about the audio fitness app called Aaptiv because it has completely changed my runs (and given me new and exciting options for other workouts). Let me ask

20 Dec

5 Interesting Articles About Fitness that Just Might Change Your Exercise Routine

5 Fitness Articles that Might Change Your Exercise Program Today Does a good fitness article motivate you to exercise? Educating yourself is as important to a healthy lifestyle as executing the things you learn. With that in mind, I thought I’d share 5 articles that inspired (and changed) my physical

1 Dec

60+ Gift Ideas for any Woman who loves Exercise

Your Ultimate Gift Guide for Women’s Fitness Stuff 60+ Gift Ideas for any Woman who loves Exercise Who DOESN’T know a girl who plans her day around her next workout? Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are more confident and successful in all aspects of life. That’s why

28 Nov

Your Complete Guide to Shift Shop by Beachbody

Everything You Need to Know About Shift Shop–Your Complete Guide “What makes the Shift Shop different is that it’s a ramp-up rapid-build program for 3 weeks.  Each week the workouts get harder—no matter how much you weigh, your size or your shape—it touches every fitness level.  And we have a

10 Nov

10 Extremely Easy and Affordable Ways to Improve Your Life and Health

10 Indulgences Every Woman Needs for Personal Fitness (That Won’t Break the Bank) If you’re like me (and I bet you are), there are days that end with a long sigh of relief and a little pat on the back because you survived another day without slapping a single person.

26 Oct

What would You tell your Younger Self (about Fitness)?

If you could go back in time what would you tell your younger (teenage) self about your body and fitness? Do you ever hear a group of teenage girls talking about pretty much anything and think…Wow, did I ever think like that? Overhearing the conversations of a younger generation of

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