3 May

Body Beast for Women–Beast Cardio Routine

Not sure if Body Beast is for Women? I’m here to tell you that Body Beast is definitely for women, too. Just because the Body Beast creators forgot to put a woman on the team of this particular routine (there are women in some of the other Body Beast workouts)

24 Feb

How to Love and Conquer Low Impact Hiit One

Try to Keep Up with Cathe Friedrich for 27 Minutes In Low Impact HiiT One Here’s the category in ‘$100,000 Pyramid’ today:  ‘Things that are always faster than you remember’. And I’m giving you the answers: The time it takes to gain 5 lbs. Every single vacation Cathe Friedrich in

4 Jan

Every Detail of Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam

What You Need to Know About Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam If you’re looking for a workout to do that falls somewhere between ‘Wow, that was awesome,’ and ‘Holy shit, get the difribrillator,’ then you’ve come to the right place. Here’s what Strong and Sweaty Cardio Slam looks like: Keep

21 Dec

Burn a Ton of Calories with Cathe Friedrich’s Crossfire Workout

Your Ultimate Guide to Every Move in Crossfire Updated-January 27, 2017 Crossfire doesn’t take a ton of fancy neuron work (the choreography is easy), but every muscle fiber in your body will have to do its part to survive this routine. Crossfire will challenge you and ranks high on my

30 Nov

Feel Like a Badass with Core De Force, MMA Plyo

A Core De Force Review–Here’s How You Conquer Core De Force MMA Plyo February 1, 2017 I have to be honest with you.  If you struggle getting all the parts to a jumping jack down pat then MMA Plyo could piss you off. Seriously, if your coordination hovers around a 3 out of

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