1 Dec

Ramped Up Cardio and Weights from Cathe Friedrich Live

Cathe Live Ramped Up Cardio and Weights Updated-January 31, 2017 Nine rounds of compound exercises with weights. 45 minutes. Cathe Friedrich calls this routine ‘random’ but you’ll call it really hard (and effective). I’m going to tell you what equipment you’re going to need and exactly what you’ll be doing.

17 Oct

Cathe Friedrich’s Cardio Leg Blast is Tough and Effective

A Detailed Review of Cardio Leg Blast by Cathe Friedrich Updated-February 9, 2017 Pop squats, plyo jacks, jump ropes…if you think these phrases sound like dance moves from the 80’s then you’ll be learning some new stuff with this routine. And guess what?  Mixing up your fitness routine with new

20 Sep

Cathe Friedrich On Demand: Boot Camp with Step LIVE

A Perfect Blend of Everything–Boot Camp with Step LIVE Updated-February 13, 2017 I don’t give out an A+ rating very often (you can read about my ratings here).  But Boot Camp with Step LIVE has it all—cardio, total body strength training (including core work) and you don’t need a ton of

13 Sep

Athletic Training, AKA The Hardest Workout Ever

Try Athletic Training with Cathe Friedrich (And Find Out What You’re Really Made Of) Updated-February 13, 2017 Athletic Training is for the advanced athlete.  If you’ve never done a Cathe Friedrich program before then don’t start here.  This workout could kill you. BUT if you’re looking for a new challenge

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