26 Sep

8 Fabulously Funny Fitness Phrases for Women

A 5 Minute Read for Any Woman who Loves to Workout

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After Wordpress (and all things tech, in general) humbled me to the point of tears this week I decided to fight off my javascript blues with a light-hearted post about the exercise challenges that women face every day.

I’ve compiled this list of fitness jargon based on personal experience.  Whether you can relate or not I hope my post will make you smile.

We’re all in this fitness journey together, Girls.  Hang in there.

8 Funny Fitness Phrases

1. Stanky Indignation

When you think ‘where the hell is that stank coming from?’ during a workout and realize you’re all alone…

2. Elated Horror

A mixed expression of pain and euphoria…if someone took your picture while you were doing any Insanity workout, this is the face you would be making

3. Poop Head

The smell of your hair after 3 days of workouts and you’ve been too lazy to wash the stank out

4. Saddlebag Hex

The secret voodoo spell you cast on anyone that says ‘I just can’t seem to gain any weight’ (after you tell them you’ve been on a diet since 1988)

5. Concerned Standby

How people look at you when you get back to the office after doing an Insanity Max:30 workout during your lunch break

6.  Jelly Slap

That disturbing sensation between your thighs during the first few minutes of your run (it all goes numb after that).

7. Boobage Awareness

The sudden realization that even small boobs need to be strapped down during a high-impact cardio workout

And Last (but not least)

8.  Ass Lockdown

What happens every time you do more than 2 sets of leg abductions (raises) in any workout (Buns of Steel, anyone?)

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8 Funny Fitness Phrases for Women-One Strong Southern Girl-A list of funny phrases for any woman who loves to exercise.



“Life is complicated.  Fitness doesn’t have to be.”

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